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No. 8 - Living Theology in Melanesia: A Reader

Published: 1984
Editor: John D'Arcy May
Format: PDF
Size: 12.51MB
USD $5

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This book was born of the need felt by the members of the
Melanesian Association of Theological Schools for a representative
selection of theological statements by Melanesians which would
inspire seminary students to express their Christian convictions
in truly indigenous ways. The reader includes examples of oral
and narrative forms of expression, as well as scholarly articles.
It builds on the foundation laid by 'Christ in Melanesia' a
pioneering issue of Point from 1977, and ushers in a new
phase in the development of indigenous theology in Melanesia.

No. 7 - An Introduction to Ministry in MelanesiaPoint 7

Published: 1983
Editor: Brian Schwarz
Format: PDF
Size: 867KB
USD $5

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This book explores the relationship between ministry and the
Melanesian context. It examines the historical reality of the
church's ministry and challenges the church worker with the
opportunities and dangers presented by a serious dialogue
with the traditional and modern Melanesian context.

No. 6 - An Introduction to Melanesian Religions

Published: 1982
Editor:Ennio Mantovani
Format: PDF
Size: 14.23MB
Price: USD $5.00

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This book focuses on traditional religions, their interaction with Christianity and religious movements in Melanesia. The book does not intend to answer academic questions about Melanesian religions but tries to answer questions Christian church workers ask when confronted with the various Melanesian religions.

No. 5 -An Introduction to Melanesian Cultures

Published: 1981
Editor: Darrell Whiteman
Format: PDF
Size: 12.72MB
Price: USD $5.00

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This is the first in a series of three books produced by the Melanesian Institute as basic handbooks for church workers in Melanesia. This book has been written with the conviction that a thorough understanding of culture and society is a necessary prerequisite to effective ministry. It should increase understanding and set the inquisitive reader on a path that will become more interesting and rewarding with every passing year.

No. 4 - Religious Movements in Melanesia Today (3)

Published: 1980
Editors: Wendy Flannery & Glen W. Bays
Format: PDF
Size: 11.38MB
Price: USD $5.00

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The articles in this third volume on Religious Movements vary in scope and content, showing great diversity. The various approaches to the general subject material developed by the authors set the sage for future fresh inquiries in relation to our religious quest for meaning, the search for the fullness of life or salvation, or the life in abundance. What is the nature of these religious movements? How are they related to the rest of the world? These are the underlying subjects of discussion in this last volume of this trilogy.

No. 3 - Religious Movements in Melanesia Today (2)

Published: 1979
Editors: Wendy Flannery & Glen W. Bays
Format: PDF
Size: 887KB
USD $5.00

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One might say that the “coming of the Holy Spirit” to Melanesia in the form of ‘revival movement represents the beginning of a new era of indigenous Christianity. This second volume focuses on the Holy Spirit Movements. As identification and interpretation of Holy Spirit Movements is a complex process, the Christian churches and social scientists see this as an important field of inquiry. The articles are comprised of personal testimonies, descriptions, assessments, reflections and experiences which explore the impacts Holy Spirit Movements have had in Melanesia.

No. 2 - Religious Movements in Melanesia Today (1)

Published: 1978
Editors: Wendy Flannery & Glen W. Bays
Format: PDF
Size: 8.33MB
USD $5.00

This is the first of a three part series devoted to Religious Movements in Melanesia Today. This volume presents case-studies from different places: from Irian Jaya in the West, to places on mainland PNG and the adjacent islands. Since the religious aspects in many of the movements are central or dominant, attention is given to the pastoral response by the churches. For church workers who are challenged by these movements and those intrigued by the phenomenon of religious movements, this makes a valuable contribution.

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No. 1 - The Fish and the Cross (Revised ed. 1982. xi + 139 pp., with photos and illustrations)

Published: 1977
Author: Donald E. McGregor
Format: PDF
Size: 12MB
USD $5.00
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Donald E. McGregor worked for fifteen years as a missionary with the Open Brethren (Christian Missions in Many Lands) in the Lumi area (West Sepik Province) of Papua New Guinea. Only after nine years did he break with his mission’s tradition and attend a Fish singsing in the area.His description of the festival is personal, without losing the depth and detail of a professional ethnography. His social interpretation of the “singsing” is an analysis of the matrilineal relationships which are manifested during the festival. In the words of P.D. McKenzie: “This is an important book. I would go so far as to describe it as one of the most significant books on missionary work that I have read.


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