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No. 16 - Manub and Kilibob: Melanesian Models for Brotherhood, Shaped by Myth, Dream and Dram

Published: 1992
Editor: Rufus Pech
Format: PDF
Size: 10.43MB
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There is more to Rufus Pech’s essay than an occasional sidestep
into Melanesian theology. Its very limited base is important to
show the pervasive influence of the Two Brothers myth ...
All through the Old Testament the theme of two competing
brothers is visible. Abel the younger brother, is slain by Cain.
Isaac competes with Ishmael ... Things are not very different
in the New Testament: A carpenter’s son who eats and drinks
is preferred to his cousin, the ascetic offspring of a honourable
priest.With this in mind it is refreshing to discover that according
to Reverend Pech, the myth of the Two Brothers is like the
cornerstone of indigenous Theology, at least in North East New
Guinea ... Pech’s conclusion helps us truly to see the Scriptures
in a new light and to come much closer to their central message.

No. 15 - Marriage in Melanesia: A Sociological Perspective

Published: 1991
Editors: Ennio Mantovani and Jeanette Conway
Format: PDF
Size: 7.15MB
USD $5

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Marriage in Melanesia: A Sociological Perspective is the second
volume of series presenting the data from the Marriage and
Family Life research project of Melanesian Institute. The present
volume provides the reader not only with a picture of marriage
and family life in a Papua New Guinean town today, but gives a
glimpse of some of the changes which soon will affect the whole
of Papua New Guinea. This volume will challenge the churches,
the government and society in general to assess the real needs
in the area of Marriage and Family Life, and enable them to
plan appropriate strategies to meet them.

No. 14 - Human Sexuality in Melanesian Cultures

Published: 1990
Editor: Joel Ingebritson
Format: PDF
Size: 12.80MB
USD $5

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Human Sexuality in Melanesian Cultures develops in more detail the topics that were part of the Marriage and Family Liferesearch undertaken in the early 1980s. It challenges the stereotypes of sexuality as being related solely to male and female physical functioning. Instead, human sexuality is presented as an integral part of the wholeness of life. The contributors bring these issues into focus as the basis for reflection and discussion.


No. 13 -The Religion of the Yali in the Highlands of Irian Jaya

Published: 1989
Editor: Siegfried Zollner
Format: PDF
Size: 11.23MB
USD $5

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Siegfried's study into the religion of the Yali people in the Eastern
Highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, presents a colourful
insight into their world-view. The author presents the foundations
(mythical traditions), together with their respective hal eve,
"the proper knowledge" (formulae and ritual acts). The original
dissertation, written in Germany, has been welcomed as a classic
study, but is now long out of print. Through this synoptic translation
published by the Melanesian Institute, it becomes available to
wider audience, both in Irian Jaya and elsewhere.

No. 12 - Law & Custom in Melanesia

Published: 1988
Editor: Late Bernard Narokob, Ron Crocomb, John May and Paul Roche
Format: PDF
Size: 11.70MB
USD $5

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This book adds to the growing number of books by Melanesians
on their region, and draws on the authors personal knowledge
and experience of events that have shaped Melanesia. It is
about the state of law in Papua New Guinea, and goes beyond
custom to look at comtemporary institutions. Custom continues
to be prominent in village conflict-resolution and operates like
a "double-edged sword", moderating the rapidity of change and
at the same time, acting as a catalyst for change. Basic principles
of English law are discussed and compared with the actual
practices of law in Melanesia, and alternatives that would enable
Melanesian countries to achieve a measure of harmony between
classical and contemporary Melanesia are suggested.

No. 11 - Marriage in Melanesia: A Theological Perspective

Published: 1987
Editor: Ennio Mantovani
Format: PDF
Size: 9.96MB
USD $5

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The Melanesian Institute undertook a research project on
Marriage and Family Life to explore the nature of Melanesian
Marriages in the past, how they are being influenced today
under the impact of change and how they can be Christian
while remaining genuinely Melanesian. As a preliminary step
towards providing a theological framework on marriage, this
volume presents reflection of various authors who have had
long years of experience in Melanesia, and a profound
understanding of its cultures.

No. 10 - The Birth of an Indigenous Church

Published: 1986
Editor: Gernot Fugmann
Format: PDF
Size: 1.07MB
USD $5

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This book presents letters, reports and documents authored by Lutheran Christians of Papua New Guinea, some of them published for the first time. Recorded here are utobiographical sketches of early Melanesian Lutheran Missionaries and Pastors who contributed significantly towards the growth of the church. Authentic letters written by Christians involved in cargo cult movements give their version of what was happening. The book documents the way the church autonomy was envisioned, formulated and brought to fruition, culminating in the birth of a truly indigenous church.

No. 9 - Ethics and Development in Papua New Guinea

Published: 1985
Editor: Gernot Fugmann
Format: PDF
Size: 1.4MB
USD $5

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This book explores the sociological, economic and political
developments in the country since Independence in 1975.
The authors base their analysis on the guidelines enshrined
in the Constitution - the National Goals and Directive Principles,
and the Eight Aims -as the template on which the future of the
country was intended to proceed, Divided in to three parts,
Part I examines the ideological perspective, Part II reviews the
implementation process in the first decade while Part III offers
an ethical guideline and presents a concrete case study. The book
is a definitive attempt to grasp the complex interlinked processes
of ethics and development that are at work within PNG.


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