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No .24 - Politics in Papua New Guinea: Continuities, Changes and Challenges

Published: 2000
Editors: Michael Rynkiewich and Roland Seib
Title: Politics In Papua New Guinea: Continuities, Changes and Challenges
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 13.65MB
USD$ 15

This volume is focused on contemporary political issues. The
majority of the articles are written by Papua New Guineans, so
the book has a strong insider perspective. Major themes analysed
include big-man politics, political culture, political parties and
elections. Many voices are heard, including those of women,
churches, and the media. Corruption and human rights abuses
are documented. The strengths and weaknesses of politics in
PNG are dissected and compared to the political experiences
of our closest neighbours, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.

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No .23 - Faith Aloud: Doing Theology from the Hymns in Papua New Guinea

Published: 1999
Author:Marcus Paul Felde
Title: Faith Aloud: Doing Theology from the Hymns in Papua New Guinea
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 7.76MB
USD$ 15

This publication concerns the dynamics and expression of Christian faith
in music. Felde traces the historical value and functions of music in the
Lutheran tradition of Christianity, and explores how this tradition
combines with the meaning and value of Papua New Guinean use of
music at key moments in life. 

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No. 22 - The Women’s Voice in Education: Identity and Participation in a Changing Papua New Guinea

Published: 1998
Author: Tess Flaherty
Title: The Women's Voice In Education: Identity and Participation in a Changing Papua New Guinea
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 17.76MB
USD$ 15

This volume deals with the aspirations of women in the sphere of education - and in the overall development of the country. Papua New Guinea is a signatory to the Beijing Declaration that says: “Equal rights, opportunities and access to resources, equal sharing of responsibilities for family by men and women and a harmonious partnership between them is critical to their wellbeing and that of their families as well as democracy.” In this book Flaherty reports on and vividly relates the difficult road to the above ideal, as expressed in Papua New Guinea women high school teachers’ own descriptions of trying to reach their goal.

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No. 21 - Young Melanesians Project: Data Analysis

Published: 1997
Editors: Franco Zocca and Nick de Groot
Title: Young Melanesians Project: Data Analysis
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 18.33MB
USD$ 15

In the early 1990s the Melanesian Institute conducted a survey
on the attitudes of young Melanesian people in PNG towards
present concerns and the future. Persons involved with young
Melanesians will find this report both useful and challenging. It is
hoped that it will provoke further studies, discussion, interpretation
and plans of actions, to meet the needs and aspirations of the young
Melanesaian generation.

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No .20 - Enterprise and Education Beyond Year 2000, Higher
Education Summit Papers

Published: 1996
Editor: Nick de Groot
Title: Enterprise And Education Beyond Year 2000: Higher Education Summit Papers
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 12.80MB
USD$ 20

This is a compilation of various papers presented at the Summit
meeting called by the minister for Higher Education, Research,
Science and Technology (HERST). The different papers represent
the various interests and efforts working together - government
education departments, the private sector of education, teaching
and research staff, commerce, business and labour - towards
improving the education policies in PNG. These papers and follow
up discussions were the ground work for the formulation of the
“White Paper” on PNG Higher Education.

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No. 19 - Silver Jubilee of Melanesian Institute

Published: 1995
Editor:Ennio Mantovani
Format: PDF
Size: 7.69MB
USD $5

This is a short history of the Melanesian Institute, its genesis
and its work, on the Silver Jubilee of its service. The publication
is addressed primarily to the churches and people in Melanesia
to make them more aware of the work of the Institute, so that
they can better avail themselves of the services offered by it.
It is also an expression of gratitude to those people who had
the vision of this ministry by and through the Institute and had
the courage and endurance to carry it through.

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No. 18 - Development And Environment in Papua New Guinea - An Overview

Published: 1994
Editor: Hans-Martin Schoell
Format: PDF
Size: 12.80MB
USD $5

Development And Environment is a collection of articles articulating
the need for sustainable management of the environment and
natural resources, with a particular focus on the Pacific Island States,
especially Papua New Guinea from which most examples are taken.
There is an urgent need for the governments of the Pacific to legislate
policies and laws that safeguard and promote sustainable anagement
of natural resources. Papua New Guinea is blessed with abundant
natural resources, but, as some articles express quite clearly, if
development endangers the natural environment and resources that
have benefited people for thousands of years, then that development
is not in the best interest of the country and its people. Any
development must serve the needs of the people - and other
people-serving development.

No. 17 - Marriage in Melanesia: An Anthropological Perspective

Published: 1993
Editor: Ennio Mantovani
Format: PDF
Size: 9.26MB
USD $5

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This is the third and last volume of a trilogy presenting the data
from the Marriage and Family Life research project of the Melanesian
Institute. The volume presents a picture of how people see and
experience marriage today in the light of their cultural background.
It highlights the different perceptions according to age and gender,
showing the variety of perspectives which make up a culture.This
point issue will undoubtedly challenge all those who have a preconceived
idea of marriage and, hopefully, will enable them to enter into
dialogue with the rich Melanesian traditions



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