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Point is an annual book on Melanesia affairs. Each issue is devoted to a special theme, relevant to the developing countries in Melanesia. Topics are approached from different points of view by specialists in the fields of theology, anthropology, sociology, economics, politics and the arts.

No. 39 – Shifting Foundations
Published: 2015
Editor: Nick Schwarz and Peter Maurice McCallum
Title: Shifitng Foundations - Marriage and Family Life in Papua New Guinea
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 3.15MB
US$ 20

This issue of Point brings together a collection of papers presented to amarriage and family life symposium held in Goroka in April 2015. The authors come from a range of backgrounds: from the Melanesian Institute Research Team, from university-based researchers and teachers, church leaders and seminary teachers, and from social workers and counsellors working directly with people seeking help with family problems.

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No. 38 – A Work in Progress
Published: 2014
Editor: Nick Schwarz and Martin Tnines
Title: A work in Progress – Inclusive Education in Papua New Guinea
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 2.53MB
US$ 20

It is now twenty years since Inclusive Education became official policy. This volume of Point from the Melanesian Institute takes a look at how this policy is being implemented. How is it affecting the lives of children with disabilities in PNG? In the chapters inside, Special Education workers, regular school teachers, parents of children with special educational needs and students with various types of disability express their views on the state of Inclusive Education in PNG.

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No. 37 – The Politics of Give and Take
Published: 2013
Editor: Nick Schwarz
Title: The Politics of Give and Take – The 2012 Papua New Guinea National Elections
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 4.09MB
US$ 20

This book contains eye witness accounts of five electorates during the election period and echoes the views that the way Papua New Guineans appoint their leaders, and the way those leaders conduct themselves is still strongly influenced by the traditional “culture of reciprocity” and by very local interests. It also contains a 2012 Election Audit report from a conference organized by the Commission for Social Concerns of the Catholic Bishops Conference and the Bishops of the PNG Highlands.

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No. 36 - Reconciliation & Peace

Published: 2011
Editor: Franco Zocca and Nick Schwarz
Title: Reconciliation & Peace – Interfaith Endeavours for Peace in West Papua
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 4.2MB
USD$ 17


In this book, Fr Neles Tebay, an indigenous Catholic priest of the Diocese of Jayapura in West Papua, gives an insider’s view of the troubled history of his homeland and its people under Indonesian rule. This Point issue combines his doctoral thesis - so far unpublished – with some of his more recent writings about the reconciliation mission of his Church and the ongoing efforts not only of Catholic leaders but of all Christian and religious leaders in West Papua.

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No. 35 - Blessed are the Virtuous?

Published: 2011
Editor: Nick Schwarz
Title: Blessed Are The Virtuous? Evangelicals and Pentecostals in Papua New Guinea Speak About HI/AIDSPoint No. 35
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 3.3MB
USD$ 20

HIV is claming the lives of many young Papua New Gunieans, and barring the discovery of a cheap cure, it will keep doing so well into the future.

We often hear it said that Papua New Guinea is a Christian country. So how do Papua New Guinean Christians respond to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS?

This book describes the respones of a group of Christians that are growing in number and Influence in this countryEvangelicals and Pentecostals.

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No. 34 - Making Sense of Disability in Papua New Guinea

Published: 2010
Editor: Br. Martin Tnines
Title: Making Sense of Disability in Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Format: PDF (Book)Point No. 34 - Making Sense of Disability in Papua New Guinea
Size: 1.6MB
USD$ 15

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This volume of POINT puts together the studies on disabilities conducted by research staff of the Melanesian Institute in
collaboration with Callan Service, the British Voluntary Service Overseas, and the Divine Word University. It is the hope of the Melanesian Institute that, by publishing the following
reports, it might help to raise awareness, understanding,
and empathy towards disabled persons among Papua New
Guineans in general and political leaders in particular.


No. 33 - Sanguma in Paradise: Sorcery, Witchcraft and
Christianity in Papua New Guinea

Published: 2009
Editor: Fr. Franco Zocca
Title: Sanguma in Paradise: Sorcery, Witchcraft and Christianity in Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Format: PDF (Book)Point No. 33 - Sanguma in Paradise: Sorcery, Witchcraft and Christianity in Papua New Guinea
Size: 2.73MB
USD$ 15

This is the second volume of a two-piece dissemination
from a five year research project into sorcery and
witchcraft in PNG carried out by the Melanesian
Institute from 2003 to 2007. This book attempts
to bringt to light the increasing problems associated
with the accusations of sorcery and witchcraft,
witch hunts, trials, torture, and brutal killings in PNG.

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