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PNG's first ever online bookstore !!

2012 National Elections Papua New Guinea

Stefan Zwilling giving a short presentation of the new ONLINE BOOK STORE


We are pleased and can boldly say that we are "PNG's FIRST EVER ONLINE BOOK STORE!" We thank everyone especially Stefan Zwilling, Henry Taikeu and Marius Basse for their immense contributions toward achieving this milestone. You can access our online shop at shop.mi.org.pg or through our website on the BOOKSHOP tab.

Looking back over the years we have played a significant role in the development of PNG since our establishment forty five (45) years ago. Our contributions towards national development can be determined in the areas of researching, teaching and publishing on all aspects of Melanesian Cultures.
MI has gained a good reputation with an unbroken record of empirical research and publications by carrying out our own research, doing our own editing and publishing our own books.

We have contributed immensely to the churches, its stakeholders and the society at large in addressing social and cultural issues in PNG and Melanesia through our body of research. We remain committed to the churches to empower their mission in society; therefore we will continue our work in promoting social justice and peace in society. We have also continued to serve as a platform for ecumenical cooperation and dialogue between the Christian Churches in PNG and the Melanesian region.

Our institute has become an effective medium of communication to both the missionaries, lay men and women, academics and the political leaders in the country and a source of inspiration to many aspiring Papua New Guinean thinkers, philosophers and politicians.

Our contributions can be measured by the services that we provide like Seminars and In-service courses, Cultural Orientation Courses, Research Projects and Publications in English and Tok Pisin. We do this by studying Melanesian cultural traditions and their changes and disseminating the research findings through various publications.

Our core function is to engage in social and cultural research and informing churches on how to make sense of the Gospel values by responding to the issues addressed in our researches.
The ecumenical nature of the MI makes the institute quite unique among the Churches in Melanesia; therefore it will continue to foster its uniqueness by addressing contemporary social, cultural, missiological and theological issues through its body of research.