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MI holds Consortium Meeting

2012 National Elections Papua New Guinea
MI Staff in tradtional attire with donor representatives

A contingent of nine (9) representing six donors of Melanesian Institute (MI) is currently in Goroka to attend their Consortium Meeting from 14 – 15 September 2015.

Most of MI’s staff dressed in their traditional attire and welcomed the group into their institution as this is the first time the meeting is held in PNG apart from being always held in Germany once every three years.

The group is made up of Martin Haasler representing Nordkirche, Anne Knoerzer representing Missio Aachen, Stephanie Scheuller from Missio Munich, Claudia Jahnel and Traugott Farnbacher from Mission One World, Kesuma Saddak, Sigrid Scheuller and Heide Wehmoeller representing Misereor while Ulla Kroog from the Bread for the World.

MI’s Director, Fr. Geovanne Bustos expressed his joy to meet the donors and welcomed them to their first Consortium meeting trip to PNG.

“It is a great opportunity to see they support us and we can relate to them face to face and not just through emails,” he said.

Fr. Geovanne said that upon his appointment by MI’s Governing Council as Director of this premiere institution six months ago he is hoping that in the near future there will be an increase on staff in order to carry out the objectives and purpose of this institution.

He realized that in order to make MI known to the people, its research findings, publications and educational information must be made more accessible to the people and urged everyone to work together to achieve this.

“I see that one of the major challenges lies in education and dissemination. Our work is something so valuable; therefore we are ready to do our best to achieve it,” he said.

He also acknowledged MI’s organisational restructuring consultant Mr Eckart Garbe who was recruited by Ulla for his contribution and help throughout the years to meet the institution’s challenges with an open approach.