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Interim Head of
Education Department

Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Yco Bernardo

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TEACHING (Orientation Courses and Conferences)

The Melanesian Institute conducts Orientation Courses and workshops for missionary workers, and workers from non-governmental organisations every year.

MI Cultural Orientation Course 2018

The majority of courses and workshops organised by the Research Department of Melanesian Institute (RDMI) were and are addressed to religious workers, both expatriate (Orientation Courses) and local. Staff members are also requested to give input to courses organised by other church, state and civil agencies, such as Seminaries and Bible Colleges, Universities, and NGOs.

Many expatriate attend these workshops in which the research staff of the Melanesian Institute teach them about cultures and traditions, political and economic issues in Melanesia. The knowledge that the participants gain could help them in their work in Melanesia (Papua New Guinea).

In the period of 2-3 weeks, courses taught in these Orientation Courses include:

  • Melanesian People Origin/Present
  • Present Social and Political organisations
  • Land issues
  • Traditional leadership
  • Traditional & Present Gender Relationships
  • Traditional Marriage & Family Life
  • Inter-Cultural Communication
  • Traditional Beliefs/Melanesian Understanding of Sickness & Healing
    Traditional Rituals (Past & Present Values)
  • Sorcery in Papua New Guinea/Pastoral approach to sorcery issues
  • Ecumenism
  • HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  • Education in Papua New Guinea
  • Politics/National Election
    ............................................. and many others...........

Melanesian Institute has conference facilities and accomodation on its campus. The facilities are used by government and non-governmental organisation. The facilities are available for any individiual or organisation to use upon request. For further information, please contact us.


Orientation Courses

The Melanesian Institute holds a Cultural Orientation Course twice a year.

Our January Course is for Church Workers only.
Our September Course can be joined by all interested groups and individuals.


For bookings and more Information on Dates and Prices please contact us on

Our Organisation's Email or on GMail
The Melanesian Institute Mail GMail


We also offer courses for PNG Church workers to address major issues faced in their communities. Topics may include, sorcery and witchcraft, HIV/AIDS, and other very interesting topics.