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MI presents a week long Cultural Course to SIL support staff

2012 National Elections Papua New Guinea
Dr Stadler (HOD Teaching) giving out a presentation at SIL Recently in July 2015

MI recently presented a one-week Cultural Orientation Course to a mixed group of teachers, health workers, translation support workers, aviation workers and other administrative and support staff of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) at their PNG headquarters at Ukarumpa. This course follows on from two similar courses held at SIL in April-May 2014 and in December 2014. We are grateful to SIL’s Human Resources Division for their confidence in MI and their ongoing support for our work.
This 2015 course ran from 6-10 July. Five MI staff took part: Geovanne Bustos, Juergen Stadler, Jack Urame, Martin Tnines, Dorothee Stadler and Nick Schwarz.
In our courses for foreigners coming to work in PNG, we look at how Papua New Guineans came to this land and how they developed their worldviews, values, languages and cultures. We also look at the changes that are taking place in PNG societies as the people are increasingly exposed to the ways of the wider world. We try to help our course participants get a better understanding of why Papua New Guineans think and do things the way they do—that even if Papua New Guinean ways are very different to their own, there is a logic to them!
This was the first course in many years that MI presented without Fr Franco Zocca, who retired from MI in March 2015 after 21 years service. Fr Franco’s shoes are hard to fill, but we were pleased with the feedback from the course participants, and will use it to improve the content and delivery of future MI courses.