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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 5, No:4 .............Contents...

  • The Peli Ideal - An Evaluation of the Ideology of the Peli Association,
    by Michael Knight;
  • Micronesian Political Education - Micronesia’s Education for Self-Government: Frolicking in the Backyard?, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.;
  • Mission Reaffirmation - The Church is Mission,
    by Gabriel Lomas, OPMC
  • Hospital Chaplaincy - Hospital Chaplains for PNG,
    by D. A. Scholz, MBBS;
  • Fulfillment of the Law - A Law Year Meditation,
    by J. C. Ashton;
  • Special Reports: Striving for higher Nutrition Payoffs in Village Agriculture

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Vol 5, No:3 .............Contents...

  • Values for Involvement - Theology and Politics,
    by Father John Momis;
  • Momis’s Theology of Politics - Interpreted - Reflection on Momis’s Theology and Politics, by P. Murphy;
  • Miscarriage of the “Homegrown” Constitution - An Interview with Dr. C. Sundhhausen on ‘Contact’, 25th June 1975;
  • Appreciating the Possibilities of Tok Pisin - Evangelism and the Use of Tok Pisin Idioms, by K. A. McElhanon;
  • Special Reports: One Hundred Years of Christian Work in the Islands

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Vol 5, No:2 .............Contents...

  • From Dar Es Salaam to Goroka - A Review of the Self-Study of the
    Catholic Church, by H. Janssen;
  • Our Common Ancestor - Toward a Theological Interpretation of Cargo Cults,
    by John G. Strelan;
  • Ujamaa - African Socialism – The Tanzanian Model,
    by Kevin J. Barr;
  • Special Reports: Practical Technology – A foot-powered Thresher for Rice and other small Grains - Office of Environment and Conservation

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Vol 5, No:1 .............Contents...

  • Emancipating Relevant Education - Adult Education,
    by Alan Leadly;
  • Conscientisation - Literacy Training and the Paulo Freire Method;
    by Thomas G. Sanders;
  • State of the Churches - Problems and Prospects of the Church in PNG,
    by C.G. Loeliger;
  • Developing Self-Help - Development at the Grass Roots,
    by George L. Chan;
  • Clarification of Melanesian Homiletics - Some Observations on Preaching in Melanesia, by H. Gaenszbauer;
  • Special Reports: Wording of Recommendations of UPNG Workshop on Religious Studies;

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Vol 4, No:4 .............Contents...

  • Dilemma over the Departed - Ancestor Veneration: A Problem of Syncretism in Pastoral Work, by Henk. Janssen;
  • The Church´s Medical Role - The Medical Missionary in 1974,
    by P.J.H. Strang,
  • Reconsidering Population Management - Some Consideration on Population Planing in Papua New Guinea, by Kevin J. Barr;
  • Evaluating the Impact - The (United) Church and Papua New Guinea Rural Development, by D. Williams;
  • Nobility of Village Life - The economic Development and Political Progress in PNG,
    by B. Narokobi;
  • Special Report: International Association for Mission Studies;

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Vol 4, No:3 .............Contents...

  • Growth Where Message meets Needs - Post-Baptismal Formation of Christians,
    by Gernot Fugmann,
  • Vocational School and Community - Vocational Training in Papua New Guinea,
    by Brother Leo Trommelen
  • Vision and Implementation - To be Missionary is to have a vision,
    by M.F. Perrin-Jassy;
  • Search for Alternatives - The Training of Pastors,
    by A. Erickson;
  • Special Reports: The Christian Training Center;
  • Institutions: The (Anglican) Churches Human Relations Training Committee – Laboratory in Trainer Development

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Vol 4, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Conscience and Culture - Sickness and the Spirits of the Dead,
    by R. Hueter;
  • Churchhood - From Mission to Church in the Pacific,
    by Sione Latukefu;
  • From a Newcomer - A Mission Wife´s Perspective and Prescription,
    by M. Jamieson;
  • Cattle Project at Timbunki - Economic Development on the Sepik,
    by J. Heinemans;
  • Discovering the Church in Mission - Religious Missionaries in the Transition from “Mission” to “Church”, by Henk Janssen;
  • Special Reports: Food Preserving - Deacons in U.S. Trust Territory

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Vol 4, No:1 .............Contents...

  • Christian Syncretism - A Study from the Southern Madang Districtof P.N.G.,
    by Th. Ahrens;
  • Lutheran Economic Service - Socio-Economic Services of the Church,
    by D. Ruthenberg;
  • Special Reports: A Journal for Pidgin Speaking Church Workers
    Interim Report – The Self Study Programme of the Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea  

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Vol 3, No:4 .............Contents...

  • DET Sawmill Company - Development Project in Southern Highlands,
    by Benjamin Madden;
  • The Once and Future Missionary - Changes about thinking about the Missions,
    by A. Bundervoet;
  • A Missionary Doctor´s Disquiet - What of the Future in Church Medical Service in PNG, by Peter Stang;
  • Town and Country - Pastoral Problems in Urban Areas,
    by Henk Janssen;
  • Special Reports: The New Commitment in wider Service – The Churches Medical Council – Public Health Department Liason
  • Institutions: Melanesian Brotherhood

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Vol 3, No:3 .............Contents...

  • Crisis of Community Leadership - A Portrait of a Papuan Village,
    by T.K. Moulik;
  • A Dynamic Christian Community - Teamwork - A must in Christian Communities,
    by Henk Janssen;
  • The Madang Experiment - Church Leaders,
    by Th. Tersteeg;
  • The Face in the Mirror - An Anglican Looks at his Church in Papua New Guinea,
    by Charles Helms;
  • The Tolai Land Case - The Problem of Land Tenture in New Guinea,
    by Sister M. Antoninus;
  • Bearers of the Faith - Letters to my Brothers in the Field,
    by Th. Tersteeg;
  • Special Reports: Adoption in Church Blessing - Self-Study Report – Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea

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Vol 3, No:2 .............Contents...

  • The Lutheran Approach - A History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of New Guinea, by G. Fugmann;
  • The Dual Economy - The Problem of Trade Stores and a Solution,
    by Peter R. Hale;
  • Living – Not Giving - Another Look at Stewardship,
    by A.L. Hughes;
  • The Enga World View - Some thoughts from a wandering Historian,
    by Roderic Lacey;
  • Ancestors in Christ? - Concern for the Ancestors,
    by Leo Brouwer;
  • Special Reports: Agricultural Development - Suva Conference: The Catholic Church and the Development of Peoples in the South Pacific;
  • Institutions: National Liturgical Cathechetical Centre (NLCC)

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Vol 3, No:1 .............Contents...

  • The True Leader - The Missionary as a Change-Agent in Liberation and Humanistation, by G. Arbuckle, S.M.;
  • Some Roles of Mission Stations - A Cultural Link with both Missionaries and Nationals, by O.C. Fontain;
  • What Next? - Future Forms of Service for Expatriate Sisters,
    by Sr. Brian Mary R.S.M.;
  • Localization Review - Sociology of Localization of the Churches in PNG, by R. Gill;
  • Special Reports: Parish Finances - Self Study of the Catholic Church in PNG;
  • Institutions: Catholic Formation Center, Rabaul - Pacific Musicians Practicum

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Vol 2, No:4 .............Contents...

  • Sign or Sanctuary - We really need Parish Councils?,
    by J. Knight;
  • The Villager´s World - Mape Traditional Believes and Christianity,
    by D. McGregor;
  • Can Western Theologians contribute? - Christian Relevance in Come-of-Age Papua New Guinea, by P. Munster;
  • Church and the new Creation - Towards a Theology of Liberation and Development,
    by T. Ahrens;
  • The WHOLE Man - Human Development through Credit Union,
    by G. Arbuckle;
  • Special Report: The Catholic Church and the Development of Peoples in the South Pacific;

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Vol 2, No:3 .............Contents...

  • Mission and Trade Store - A Review of Mission Finances,
    by Kevin Murphy M.S.C.;
  • Get with Giving - Christian Stewardship,
    by G.B. Avery;
  • Thoughts after Japan - Education for Melanesian Women,
    by Sister Marietta, A.D.;
  • Bishop, Senate, Council - Authority in the Anglican New Guinea Mission,
    by Robin Gill and Charles Helms;
  • Piety and Prosperty - Religion and Economy in Mission Station – Village Relationship, by O.C. Fontain;
  • Special Report: Permanent Deacons - Married Men for Ordination
  • Melanesian Institutions: Agrimissio

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Vol 2, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Green Revolution - Priorities in Melanesian Development,
    by Rene Dumont
  • Supplement - A Few Observations made from the roadside,
    by Rene Dumont;
  • Community Development - The low-key Social Development Worker,
    by Sister Jeanette Conway, S.M.S.M;
  • Religion and Secularization - Pacific Cultures, Christianity and Development,
    by Hermann Janssen, M.S.C.;
  • Melanesian Institutions: Religious Studies at the University of PNG

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Vol 2, No:1 .............Contents...

  • Cult and Culture - Traditional and Foreign Models in Religion in the Pacific,
    by Ron Crocombe;
  • A Women`s Viewpoint - Celibacy and other Roman Disciplines in Melanesia,
    by Margaret Fitzgerald;
  • Changing Cultures - Social Attitudes in Community in Asia and the Pacific,
    by Sr. Marietta, A.D.;
  • Renewal through Dialogue - Self Study of the Church in Tanzania,
    by Francis Murray, M.M.;
  • Melanesian Institutions: The Catholic Academy for West Irian

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Vol 1, No:4 .............Contents...

  • The Super Clan? - Church Unity in Melanesia,
    by John Momis;
  • Synod - A Review of the 1971 Anglican Synod,
    by Susan Young;
  • A Review - Catholic Cathechists of th South-West Pacific,
    by John Snijders, S.M.;
  • Instructions for Melanesians - The Inductive Method,
    by Nancy Anderson;
  • A Beginning – Or Part of the Process? - A Suitable Age for first Confession and first Communion?, by C. van der Geest, S.V.D.;
  • Melanesian Institutions: Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL);
  • Special Report: Papua New Guinea Educators´ Social Action Workshop Group

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Vol 1, No:3 .............Contents...

  • Marriage New Guinea Style - Moral and Legal Problems of Marriage,
    by Anthony Krol, S.V.D.;
  • Bible – Bread or Stone - How to use the Bible in traditional and changing Melanesian Culture, by Leo Brouwer;
  • The Church of Tomorrow - The Meaning of Mission Today,
    by Bishop John Chrisholm;
  • The Last Rites - A Christian-Melanesian Adaptation,
    by J. Barthes, M.S.C;
  • Melanesian Institutions: Department of Christian Education of the United Church;
  • Special Report: Creativ Training Centre

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Vol 1, No:2 .............Contents...

  • In the Light of History - From Mission in New Guinea to Church of New Guinea,
    by Patrick Murphy, S.V.D;
  • Who? Me? - An honest Probe into Sensitive Areas,
    by Anthony Young, M.S.C.;
  • The Best of two Worlds - Functional Substitutes and Christian Secularity,
    by J. Snyders, S.M.;
  • Melanesian Institutions: Catholic Indigenous Priests Conference (CIPC)

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Vol 1, No:1 .............Contents...

  • Mid-Course Correction - The Role of Church in Melanesia,
    by H. Janssen, M.S.C.;
  • Down to Earth - Adult Christian Education in the Village,
    by Nancy Anderson;
  • “Go into the whole World and ???”, The Role of the Priest in Papua New Guinea, 
    by Ennio Mantovani, S.V.D.;
  • The Forgotten Part of the Third World: The South Pacific,
    by G Arbuckle, S.M.;
  • Congregation for Divine Worship: Liturgical Renewal in Danger?;
  • Melanesian Institutions: National Liturgical Catechetical Centre (NLCC) and Melanesian Association of Theological Schools (MATS)

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