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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 10, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • All Prophets, by Wendy Flannery
  • An Introduction to the Unknown God, by Lester Knoll
  • About Poverty, by Giles Pondo
  • Report: Consultation On World Evangelisation, by Darrell Whiteman

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Vol 10, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • A Truly Noble Death, by Bernard Narokobi
  • The Church’s witness to the Kingdom, by McKenzie Asor
  • Christian Community in Melanesia, by N.Z. Kemung
  • Basic Christian Communities, by Lester Knoll
  • Ecumenism and the Melanesian Council of Churches, by Dick Avi
  • Two contrasting Styles of Communication, by R. L. Johnston
  • The Church and integral Human Development, by John Barre

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Vol 10, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Localisation, by N. Z. Kemung
  • Christianity & Culture, by Carl Loeliger
  • The New Formula for Self-Reliance, by Francis X. Hezel
  • Understanding kinship and Social Structure, by R. Daniel Shaw
  • New Shoots from Old Roots, by G. Moore
  • Village Motivators, by Reinhard Tietze
  • Report: Women’s Fellowship

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Vol 10, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Observations on Technology & Education in PNG, by David F. Lancy
  • Appropriate Technology, by Mike Blowers
  • Cargo As Symbol, by Brian Schwarz
  • Village Motivators, by Reinhard Tietze
  • Training Lay Leaders, by Kevin J. Barr

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Vol 9, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Christian Youth Work, by Ossie Fountain
  • Young Christians After Ten Years, by Vincent Ohlinger SVD
  • Technical Education in PNG, by Leo Trommelon
  • Community Education in Vernacular - A Bilingual Approach, by Mathew Tamoane
  • Family Planning - Basic Research involving The Ovulation Method of Family Planning Among The Huli People, by Sr Paulita Schuman
  • Special Reports: Wewak Family Service, by Mark Kolandi

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Vol 9, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • The General Constitutional Commission, by Tony Decklin
  • North Atlantic Celibacy in the South Pacific, by Fr. Mathew Kelty, OCOSO
  • Church – Schools At A Dead – End? Hartmut Gericke
  • Marriage On The Sick list? by Fr. Ennio Mantovani SVD
  • Christian Community Building in A Town Parish, by Fr. Simon Sirikwa

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Vol 9, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Aid And integrity, by Ron Crocombe
  • “Where Two Or Three Are Met”, by Gabriel Manganiria and Fr. Donatiano Hitee
  • Grass-Roots Church, by Wendy Flannery, R.S.M
  • Discussion Point - A Catechumenate for Marriage
  • Special Reports: Man, Please, Come Back to Nature and Mother Earth (A Report on a Consultation on “Religious Experience in Humanity’s Relation with Nature”, by Esau Tuza
  • Consultation On Basic Christian Communities, by Ennio Mantovani, SVD

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Vol 9, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Deacon, by Fr F Jeop Heinemans
  • Traditional Ministries of The People, by Mark Kolandi
  • Decentralisation And Development - This Paper Was Presented As The Opening Address At The Waigani Seminar, September 1978, by Fr. John Momis
  • The “Vision” And The “Reality” - The Catholic Church in The Solomons Looks At Itself, by Claire O’Brien, SMSM

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Vol 8, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Can Man Change? Changing The Nature of Man: An Evaluation of The Impact of Moral incentives in China, 1948 – 1973), by G.T. Harris
  • A Melanesian Cosmological Process, by Esau Tuza
  • An initiation Ceremony Today - Initiation Ceremonies in The Bel Villages Near Madang, by Gernot Fugmann
  • The Development of Ministries, by Sister Maria Jose Tresch, ssnd
  • Special Reports: International Colloguium on Contextual Theology, by Sr Wendy Flannery

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Vol 8, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Melanesian Concerns in Interpreting the Bible, by Theodor Ahrens
  • Violence And Outsiders in Enga, by Robert Gordon
  • Youth in PNG - The Role of Youth Movements in Papua New Guinea,
    by Pauline Grutzner
  • The National Leadership Code of PNG, by Ignatius Kilage
  • Special Reports: Who Decides What in A Local Church (An Attempt To Understand Localisation in Relation To The Missionary Era of The United Church), by Esau Tuza

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Vol 8, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • The Melanesian Institute - What is it???, by Ennio Mantovani, S.V.D.
  • Rural Life Development - An Approach to Community Development,
    by Gay and Tony Watts
  • Christianity and the Political “ISM’S” - An Approach to Community Development,
    by Lynn Giddings
  • Worship Forms in Melanesia, by Rev. Paul E. Muench
  • Localization - What is it, and is not. - The View of a Leading African Bishop,
    by Bishop Patrick A. Kalilombe from Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Special Reports: The Lutheran Fact finding and planning Survey 1976 - 1978

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Vol 8, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Future of the Ministry? - Emergency Ministries for Emergency Situations,
    by Margaret Fitzgerald
  • The Priest and the Polis - Priest in Politics for his Fellowmen in the World,
    by John Momis
  • The Cow that Calved - A Self Help Programme in West Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, by Rita Wiesinger
  • Can we Enter the Urban Church through a different Door? - We replace Ideas that no longer help us, by William Seifert
  • Deschooling P.N.G. - Nonformal Education for Rural Development in Papua New Guinea, by Dr. John Agard
  • Special Report: Pacifique ’77 and Melanesian Council of Churches

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Vol 7, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • The Gospel in a breaking World - University Students,
    by W. Houghton
  • Faith and the new Acoustic Age - A Radio Talk broadcast by the National Broadcasting Commission on 12th January 1975, by Ian Stuart
  • Wantoks’ Everywhere - Kinship and Christian Family Life in Young Churches,
    by H. Janssen
  • Looking for the Local Church - A ten Year Localization Plan for the Catholic Church in P.N.G., by Peg Fitzgerald
  • Special Reports: A Statement from a Sub-Committee of the Melanesian Council of Churches Executive Committee on the Proposed Ok Tedi Copper Mining Project

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Vol 7, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Simbu Ancestors and Christian Worship - Ancestor Worship and Cults of the Spirits of the Dead – Among the Peoples of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea – and their Compatibility with Christian Rites and Liturgy, by John Nilles
  • Counseling - A Seminarian gives his Opinion, by Tom Amu
  • A Conference and Some Reflections - The Second National Congress of the Union of Woman Religious of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
  • The Challenge - The Role of the Christian Churches in a Post Independent Papua New Guinea, by Sir John Guise
  • Special Reports: Communication of the Gospel, by Fr. Gidean Waida

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Vol 7, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • What is Pacifique ’77?, by Patrick Murphy
  • Cultural Suppression? Not Quite! - A Case in the Solomon Islands Methodism,
    by Esau Tuza
  • Which Way for Christian Education?, by Roxanna Coop
  • Some Thoughts on Community Education in PNG, Bishop Jeremy Ashton
  • Special Reports: Steps Towards a Pacific Churches’ Research Centre - Melanesian Council of Churches’ Seminar Urban Pastoral Concerns

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Vol 7, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Old Testament and Salvation, by John G. Strelan
  • Sik bilong Ples - The Social Consequences of Accidental Injury,
    by D. A. Scholz
  • New Missionary Frontiers, by Simon E. Smith S.J.
  • Guilty or not Guilty - A Review of Fifteen Years Expirience in the Law Courts,
    by B. G. Burton-Bracley
  • Special Reports: Identifying Areas of Urban Pastoral Concern - Pacific Conferences of Churches – Fiji - The Catholic Church of the Solomons Looks at Itself

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Vol 6, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Confronting the Gods - Merging Dichotomous and Trichotomous in Melaniesia from a Cross-Cultural Perspective, by B. M. Turner
  • Plantation Systems after Independence, by Alec Gordon
  • Preaching in Melanesia, by Gernot Gugmann
  • A Comparison of the Formation of Young Religious, by Sr. Josepha S.R.
  • Special Reports: Identifying Areas of Urban Pastoral Concern and Family Services

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Vol 6, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • The Pastoral Office of Deacon, by W. R. Burrows
  • Ecumenism and Syncretism, by John B. Taylor
  • The Theology of Beig Wen - The Theology of Beig Wen the would-be Successor to Yali, by Garry Trompf
  • Basic Papua New Guinea Assumptions - Difficulties in Communicating the Christian Message in Melanesia, by Don McGregor
  • Special Report: National Seminar on Evangelism – Lae 1976

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Vol 6, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • The Man in the Streets - Urbanisation as seen by the Man  in the Street,
    by William Seifert
  • A Nation of Beggars? - Economy and Church in Independent Papua New Guinea,
    by Theodor Ahrens
  • From Tasa to ‘Bishop’ Joe, by Magaret Fitzgerald
  • Special Reports: Pacific Council of Churches

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Vol 6, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Messianic Movements - A New Mission Method for India?,
    by Stephen Fuchs
  • A Time for Involvement - Problems of Church,
    by James Knight
  • Themes for Actions - Community Education for Development – Basic Theses of Adult Learning, by Jane Vella
  • Out of the Limelight - Indigenous Leadership in the PNG (Catholic) Church and the Task of Missionary In Pastoral and Catechetical Training, by Zelia Argast
  • Special Reports - Future Mutual Exchanges between the Churches of PNG and Australia

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