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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 15, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Background information on the Impact of Introduction of Television,
    by Sr Maria & Jean Minneman
  • “Can Anything Good Come Out of Baruni?”, by Garry Trompf
  • Polygyny: Can One Be Scriptural and Sympathetic?,
    by Ralph E. Ireland, with response by T. Wayne Dye
  • International Youth Year 1985
  • Graduation Address, by Fr. John Momis
  • Seminar Report: Ethics And Development, by John D’Arcy
  • May and My Vision for Pacific Partnership in Mission,
    by Dr Sione Amanaki Havea
  • An Evaluation of the Viles Tok Ples Skul Scheme in the North Solomons Province, by Lisa D. Delpit and Graeme Kemelfield.

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Vol 15, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Life in a Squatter Settlement, by M. John Paul Chao
  • A Missionary’s View of Missionaries, by Ron Schardt
  • Probation and Its Possibilities..., by Lynn and Richard Giddings
  • 1984 - The Year OPM Pulled the Plug on Indonesia-PNG Relation,
    by Alan Smith & Kevin Hewison
  • Special Report:
    Magistrates Forum, by Paul Roche
  • The Papua New Guinea Economy - The Next Ten Years, by Brian Brogan
  • Book Review:
    The Three Worlds: Culture and World Development, by Peter Worsley

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Vol 15, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • 1984 - The Year OPM Pulled the Plug on Indonesia-PNG Relations,
    by Alan Smith & Kevin Hewison
  • Irian Jaya: Amungme People Facing the Modern World,
    by M. A. Pogolamun, Anton Kelanangame, George J. Aditjondoro, Frans Aims, Glen Lewandowski, and Michael Blowfield
  • Development and Environment in PNG, by M. R. Chambers
  • Clear-Felling: A Case Study, by Friedhelm Goeltenboth
  • Promotion of Development, Justice and Peace in PNG, by Gregory Mongi
  • Specials Reports:
    Need for Provincial Policy Planning, by Alan Jsoaimo;
    Investigation of Solomon Islands’ Rain Forests, by John Seed;
    Recommendations from Wau MCC Environmental Workshop 22 - 26 October 1984.

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Vol 15, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Traditional Conservation: Ethical Implication, by John D. Waiko
  • Women in Rural Development, by Fungke Z. Samana
  • Agroforestry and Village/Town Tree Planting,
    by Neville H. S. Howcroft
  • Environmental and Social Pollution - A Call for Action,
    by Friedhelm Goeltenboth
  • Environmental Policies in Papua New Guinea, by Marcus Chambers
  • Regional Approach to Environmental Education, by Neva Wendt
  • Subsistence Farming and Soil Erosion, by Victor E. Dalpadado
  • Environmental Protection: A continuing Responsibility, by Barney Rongap
  • Letter to the Editor, by Dr Gerhard O. Reitz

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Vol 14, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • The Prospects of ‘Melanesian Theology’, by John D’Arcy May
  • Youth Problems and Programmes, by Joseph Pietrangelo & David Wilson Kraft
  • Comment on ‘Youth Problems and Programmes, by Robert Kwee
  • In Defence of Trees, by George J. Aditjondro
  • Translocation: The Desperate Move, by Beryl Kendall
  • Irian Jaya: A Very Personal View - Part II, by Harry H. Jackman
  • Special Reports:
    Pastoral Letter on Charismatic Concerns, by Indonesian Bishops’’ 1983;
    WCC Report on The Marshall Islands;
  • Book Reviews:
    People in Rural Development, by Peter Batchelor;
    Polynesian Missions in Melanesia, edited by Ron and Marjorie Crocombe;
    Tend My Sheep, by Harold Taylor;
    Education and Society in a Manus Village, by James G. Carrier;

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Vol 14, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • An interview with Waga Miridj,
    translated from the Pidgin by Rev. Brian Schwarz
  • Religion of My People, by Maria Runne
  • IRIAN JAYA: A Very Personal View, by Harry H. Jackman
  • Unity and Solidarity Within the Community, by Leslie Boseto
  • Appropriate Community Psychology in PNG, by Stewart J. Forsyth
  • Special Reports:
    Partners Together With Jesus Christ;
    Kundiawa Diocese: Fiftieth Anniversary - 1933 - 1983;
    Marriage Enrichment Workshop, by Brian Schwarz;
  • Book Reviews:
    Factors Affecting Standards in Community Schools; A New Ireland Case Study
    by Ephraim T. Apelis;
    Indian Healing: Shamanic Ceremonialism in the Pacific Northwest Today,
    by Wolfgang G. Jilek MD

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Vol 14, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • ICHTHYS: A Mariculture Project, by Eberhard Mueller
  • Problems in Transcultural Psychotherapy,
    by Louise Jilek-Aall & Wolfgang G. Jilek
  • The Symbol of Jesus in Enga, by Douglas W. Young
  • Models Towards a Melanesian Christianity, by Rufus Pech
  • Toward a Theology of Power for Melanesia, by T. Wayne Dye
  • Special Reports:
    Melanesian Theology: Melanesian Theologians at Work, by John May;
    Do We Want Basic Christian Communities on Fergusson Island?,
    by Russ Andersen & Delia Donahoe
  • Book Reviews:
    Hagen Saga: The Story of Father William Ross, by Mary R. Mennis.;
    An Introduction To Melanesian Cultures, edited by Darrel L. Whiteman;

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Vol 14, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences, by Lynn Giddings
  • Christianity in Munawai: The First 80 Years, by Robinson Melanga Moses
  • A Theology of Power for Melanesia, Part 1, by T. Wayne Dye
  • Sanguma in a Madang Mountain Community, 1983 Style, by Rufus Pech
  • Book Reviews:
    Melanesian and Missionaries: An Ethnohistorical Study of Social and Religious Change in the Southwest Pacific
    , by Darrell Whitman;
    Pacific Between indigenous Culture and Exogenous Worship, by WA Port;
    Micronationalist Movements in Papua New Guinea, by RJ May;
    Mazzucconi of Woodlark: Priest and Martyr, by Nicholas Maestrini, PIME;
    Counselling Group Holds Workshops, by John Reedy CCG Member;

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Vol 13, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Integrating Traditional Healing With Christian Understanding, by Chris Haiveta
  • ‘Development’ Through Youthful Eyes, by Vince Ohlinger
  • What Cargo Cults Reflect to Me, by Mathew Kelty
  • Martin Luther’s Birthday, by Rufus Pech
  • Special Reports:
    Interim Report on the MFL Research Project, by Ennio Mantovani;
    Struggling for Lutheran Identity;
    Young Didiman, by Mila Augustine;
  • Book Review: I have a strong Belief, by Leslie Boseto

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Vol 13, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Theological Foundation of Counselling, by John Kadiba
  • Women, Education And Bureaucratic Leadership, by Dianne D. Johnson
  • The Salvific Value of African Religions, by Patrick Kalilombe
  • Special Report:
    Counselling Workshop, Bishops’ And Lutheran Courses;
    Land Rights For indigenous People, WCC Statement
  • Book Reviews:
    Village Ministry Breakthrough, by Robert Barnes;
    A Call To A New Exodus: An Anti-Nuclear Primer for Pacific People,
    by Suliana Siwatibau and B. David Williams.;
    Not To Destroy...But To Fulfil, edited by Bernie Collins.;
    ‘How My Thinking Is Changing’, by Marilyn Robertson

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Vol 13, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Missionaries: Go Home, Or What? by Ennio Mantovani
  • The Problem: Development in Papua New Guinea, by John Croft
  • Make A Witness in The Public Dimension, by John Momis
  • Development Issues in Education, by Sakey Ronuc
  • The Church And The Poor in A Vulnerable Society, by Bob Wilkinson
  • Angau Crisis Ministry Team, by Joel Ingebritson
  • Special Report:
    A United Church Congregation Struggles With Pentecostalism,
    by Esira ToNurvue
  • Book Reviews:
    To Live Among The Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania, by John Garrett;
    The Island Churches of the South Pacific. Emergence in the Twentieth Century,
    by Charles W. Forman;
    A Theological Evaluation of Non-Christian Rites, by Nihal Abeysingha

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Vol 13, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • A White Man’s Religion? by Paliau Lukas
  • Response, by Paul Brennan
  • Control of Women in A Transitional Society, by Angela Mandie
  • Church, Youth and Development, by Chris Sidoti
  • Church Work in Papua New Guinea Following independence,
    by Joshua Daimoi
  • Church independence: When Will It Come? by Mark Kolandi
  • Special Report:
    East New Britain Leadership Seminar, by John ToVue;
    Reflections as the WCC Sixth Assembly Draws Near

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Vol 12, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Random Reflections on Ministry, by Garry Roche
  • A New Era? by James Knight
  • The Kingdom of God And Stages in My Personal Experience,
    by Leslie Boseto
  • Christian Communication, by Samu Amituanai
  • Villages: The Forgotten Resource, this article is taken from
    Vol. X, No. 6, July - August 1982, pp. 1, 4 of Development Forum
  • Special Report:
    Marriage and Family Life Research, by Glen Bays

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Vol 12, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Counselling Sorcery Cases, by Ken Osborne
  • Enemies, Red Men and Missionaries, by Kamalius Kamale
  • Good Nutrition: Good Health, by Esther Stotik
  • ‘Operation Rehabilitation’, by Lynn Giddings
  • ‘My Rifle is Above’, by Peter Munster
  • Book Reviews:
    A Fifth Gospel: The Experience of Black Christian Values, by Joseph G. Healey;
    Papua New Guinea’s Prehistory: An Introduction, by Pamela Swadling with
    an Epilogue by Kevin Kaidoga and Pamela Swadling;
    Rediscovering Pastoral Care, by Alistair V. Campbell

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Vol 12, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Alcoholic Flood, by Tim Hatah
  • The Church’s Business, by Allan K. Davidson
  • Basic Christian Communities, by Mary MacDonald
  • Counselling in a Cross-Cultural Context, by Lester Knoll
  • Persons in Crisis, by Br Andrew
  • Book Reviews:
    A People Reborn, by Christian Keysser;
    TI E Varane, by George G. Carter

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Vol 12, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Church’s Mission and Politics, by Paul Richardson
  • Development Without Destruction, by Darrell L. Whiteman
  • Juvenile Crime in PNG, by Oria Gemo
  • Tobacco Smoking in PNG, by Karen Brott
  • Disabled Persons and Pig, by Margaret Ross
  • Book Review:
    Ministry: A Case for Change, by Edward Schillebeeck
  • Report:
    ‘Indigenisation’ and Black Australasian Christianity, by Wendy Flannery

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Vol 11, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Christianised Ritual Pig-Killing, by Alfons Shaefer
  • Schismatic Movements, by John D. Ellenberger
  • Education, by Anton Kuman
  • Christian Declaration on Youth and Development
  • Book Review:
    New Ministries: The Global Context, by William Burrows
  • Report:
    Alcohol use and Abuse in PNG, by Dan Shaw

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Vol 11, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • ‘Sorry Nogat Wok’, by Lynn Giddings
  • Sorcery and Society, by Mary MacDonald
  • From Ambush to Ambush, by Owen Mason
  • The Wantok System, by Dan Shaw
  • Reports:
    Congress of Union of Women Religious of Papua New Guinea
    and Solomon Islands

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Vol 11, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • From Foreign Mission To independent Church, by Darrell L. Whiteman
  • God’s Kingdom and Human Struggles, by Daniel von Allmen
  • Global Partnership, by Theodore Ahrens
  • Local Village Theology in India, by Herbert Hoefer
  • Reports:
    Industrial and Urban Chaplaincies Workshop The Role of Study Centres

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Vol 11, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Pentecostal Movement, by Richmond Tamanabae
  • Communication Through Preaching in Melanesia, by Gideon Waida
  • Self-Exposure: Bridge to Fellowship, by Jacob A. Loewen
  • Mission & Evangelism in the 1980s, by Rowland Croucher
  • Responding to Grass-roots Movements, by Lorraine Dusak Sexton

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