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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 20, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Religion as a Way of Life, by Alphonse Aime
  • Becoming a Community of Joy: Some Reflections on Pastoral Planning,
    by Barend Vlaardingerbroek
  • Urbanisation and Government Planning in Papua New Guinea,
    by Samson Polume
  • Some Reflections on the Law and Social Implications of AIDS
    in Papua New Guinea
    , by Brian Brunton
  • Coffee in the Rural Economy, by Philip Bodman
  • ‘The Gospel is not for Sale’, by Barclay Wel
  • Reflections on the data from the anthropological aspect of the Marriage
    and Family Life Research Project,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • A Look at Various Issues of Concern in PNG:
    Issue in the Settlements that Confront us in Ministry Today,
    Urban Ministries Seminary [October 2nd - 6th, 1990], by Peter Ridley
  • People’s Way: A National Seminar on Strategies for Settlements
    [September 1990, UNITECH, Lae], by Hans-Martin Schoell
  • TV and Your Children: TV in PNG - The first four years,
    by David R. Booere
  • Viewpoint on Squatters, by Alphonse Aime
  • Reports:
    MFL Seminar Report, by Alfonsas Savickis;
    MATS Report, by Joel ingebritson
  • Book Review:
    Contextualisation of Christianity and Christianisation of Language:
    A Case Study from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
    by Guenther Renk

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Vol 20, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Economics in Melanesia: Traditional and Modern, by Mel Togolo
  • Tribal Fighting: The Scandal of inaction, by John Burton
  • What kind of Community School Teachers are needed for the Nineties
    and Beyond?,
    by Herman Boyek & Biango Buia
  • Viewpoint: Focus on international Schools, by Alphonse Aime
  • The New Tribes Mission in Kaliai: A Response, by Ken Hyland
  • The Death Penalty is inhuman, by Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  • Literacy, Awareness, Development and Communication in Papua New Guinea,
    by Sr Theodore Lee
  • Report:
    “Going Forward” - The United Church Plans for Growth, by David Vincent
  • Poems:
    I am in God, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    Changes, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    Involvement, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    My Prayer, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    A Prayer, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    The Golden Hour, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    “Rain”, by Rev. Edward Varo;
    “Sun Rise”, by Rev. Edward Varo
  • Book Review:
    Good Morning PNG”, by Frank Mihalic

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Vol 20, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Christian Dialogue with Melanesian Values and Ethics, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Titi Pingi: Theology of an Enga Praise Poem, by Philip Gibbs
  • Violence in Marriage in Urban Papua New Guinea and the Role of
    the Churches, by Christine Bradley
  • Cargo and Christianity in Kaliai, by Ken Hyland
  • Cargo Displaced by Christianity in Kaliai - A Response,
    by Dave Brunn & Mark Zook
  • Catalyst Viewpoint: Melanesian Concept of Youth, by Alphonse Aime
  • Report:
    The MCC Long Range Programme, by David Vincent
  • Book Review:
    Mission and Dialogue: Theory and Practice,
    by Leonardo N. Mercado and James J. Knight

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Vol 20, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Addressing Social Pastoral Concerns in Melanesia, by Mary N. MacDonald
  • Ancestors in Melanesia: Towards a Melanesian and Christian Understanding,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • Language Problems and School Problems, by John W.M. Verhaar
  • Literacy, Awareness, Development and Communication in Papua New Guinea,
    by Nicholas Faraclas
  • Pentecostal Churches in Papua New Guinea, by Kevin Hovey
  • Report:
    World Convocation on Justice; Peace and Integrity of Creation, Seoul,
    5-12 March, 1990, by Paul Roche
  • Book Review:
    The Church and Cultures: New Perspectives in Missiological Anthropology,
    by Louis Luzbetak SVD

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Vol 19, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • The Evolution of Cargo Cults and the Emergence of Political Parties
    in Melanesia
    , by Sam T. Kaima
  • Can We Be Both Rich and Christian? by David Vincent
  • Healing Ministry - A Cultural Necessity, by Roger Purcell
  • The Discovery of Weapo Yahweh in Enga, Laiapu, by Lawrence Kambao
  • Critical Evaluation of the Development and Role of Imprisonment as the Main Form of official Punishment in Papua New Guinea, by Gerard Majella Vetunawa
  • Report:
    Counselling as a Necessary part of Strategies in Caring for HIV Infection
    and AIDS Case, by John Doggett
  • Book Review:
    Street Children of Cali by L. Aptekar

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Vol 19, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • An investigation into the Relationship between Melanesian Cargo
    and Revival Movements
    , by Evan Stilwell
  • Investment in Human Resources and Economic Development:
    Some Thoughts for Papua New Guinea, by Ati Wugtungam Wobiro
  • Leadership and Organisation among the Zia of Morobe Province,
    by Biama Kanasa
  • The Belief System of the Biak/Numfoor People, by Marvin J. Nevell
  • The Mission work of the Church in the present situation of Land Dispute and Transnational Corporations, by Luke Pitakoe
  • The Use of Oral Sources in Writing the Religious History of Papua New Guinea,
    by Sam T. Kaima
  • Reports:
    Should the Churches Cooperate with “World Vision”? by David Vincent;
    Teachers for the 1990s: Extraordinary Meeting of the Faculty of Education,
    UPNG, by Jim MacPherson;
    Health Education and Condom Promotion in the Medium-Term Plan for AIDS Prevention and Control, by John Doggett;
    WACC Congress ‘89: The Manila Declaration on Communication and Community.
  • Book Review:
    Oceania: The Native Cultures of Australia and the Pacific Islands,
    by Douglas L. Oliver

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Vol 19, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • The Centrality of the Child in Marriage, by Ennio Mantovani
  • The Rebels and Cargoistic Ideas in Irian Jaya, by Benny Giay
  • Christianity and Tribal Fighting in Enga Province, PNG, by Ken Fox
  • Maok and Covenant, Garry J. Roche
  • The Twofold Mission of Maurice Leenhardt, by Mary N. MacDonald
  • Report:
    Religious Freedom and National Unity, by David Vincent
  • Book Reviews:
    The Expectation of the Poor: Latin American Basic Ecclesial Communities in Protestant Perspective, by Guillermo Cook;
    Icanchu’s Drum: An Orientation to meaning in South American Religions, by Lawrence E. Sullivan

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Vol 19, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Youth and Crime in Papua New Guinea: Some Emerging Trends,
    by William Liebert
  • The Abepura Programme: An Alternate Seminary Model for Melanesia,
    by Leonardo N. Mercado
  • Language Problems in General and in Papua New Guinea,
    by John W. M. Verhaar
  • Healing Ministry Which way forward? by David Vincent
  • The Challenge of Sects to the Mainline Churches in PNG:
    A Pastoral Response, by Joel ingebritson
  • Consider the Lilies., by Norman Cruttwell
  • Report:
    We Must Respond! A Report on the 1989 Annual General Meeting
    of the Melanesian Council of Churches, by David Vincent
  • Book Review:
    The Big Death, Solomon Islanders Remember World War II
    edited by GM White, DW Gegeo, D Akin, K Watson-Gegeo;
    Taem Bong Faet: World War II in Melanesia,
    edited by Hugh Laracy and Geoffrey White

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Vol 18, No:4 [Special Issue on Bible, Culture & Communication

  • Part One: Applying the Bible to Daily Life
  • Our Guiding Star, by Sir Paulias Mantane
  • The Bible in Decision Making, by Pedi Anis
  • The Living Word, by Leslie Boseto
  • Points for Discussion
  • Part Two: The Use of the Bible in New Religious Movements:
  • The Bible and the Misima Cult, by Simeon Namunu
  • Religious Movements in Enga, by Tony Krol
  • The Bible in Revivals., by Kevin Hovey
  • Points for Discussion
  • Part Three: Translating Theological Concepts:
  • Priorities in Translating the Bible, by Kirine Yandit
  • Understanding Theological Concepts in Various Languages,
    by Günther Renck
  • Holy Communion - Traditional Style, by Wari Kwara
  • Points for Discussion
  • Part Four: Communicating the Bible to Melanesia
  • The incarnate Word, by Leslie Boseto
  • Practical Preaching, by N. Z. Kemung
  • Creative Writing and Communication of the Gospel, by Kumalau Tawali
  • Using the Electronic Media, by Maria Burke
  • Part Five: Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Where do we go from here? by David Vincent
  • Recommendations of the Seminar
  • Book Reviews:
    Before all else fails...Read the instructions! by Kevin Hovey;
    The Cultural Factor in Translating and Other Communication Tasks,
    by R. Daniel Shaw

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Vol 18, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Lepe: An Exercise in Horticultural Theology, by Philip Gibbs
  • Children in Court: What do we do to Children in Conflict with the Law?,
    by Graham Mills
  • From Sister Exchange to Daughter as Trade store’: Money and Marriage
    in Telefomin, by Dan Jorgensen
  • Playing Possum: Marsupials in Myth, by Mary N MacDonald
  • Reports: Christian Family Life Seminar, by David Vincent
  • Church-Level Consultation on the Gold-Rush in Enga/Southern Highlands,
    by Wojciech Beben
  • Book Review:
    Sorcerer and Witch in Melanesia, edited by Michele Stephen

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Vol 18, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Melanesian Philosophy, by Leonardo Mercado
  • Should the Church be Politically Involved? A Theory of Mission,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • The Philosophy of Education, by Paulias Matane
  • Melanesian Religion in all its Aspects, by Garry Trompf
  • The Relationship between Cargo Cult and Rebel Movement in Irian Jaya,
    by Frank Tucker
  • Reports:
    Seminar on the Media Tribunal Bill: Summary of Proceedings,
    by Neville Jayaweera;
    Creating an Environment for Tomorrow, by Catholic Bishops conference
  • Book Reviews: Pacific Protest: The Maasina Rule Movement,
    Solomon Island, edited by Hugh Laracy;
    Foolishness to the Greeks, by Leslie Newbigin, Ferdmans, Grand Rapids;
    Creating Common wealth, by Ian Hore-Lacy

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Vol 18, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Coups in Fiji: A Preliminary Social Analysis, by John Garrett
  • Family Law in Melanesia - With Special Reference to the Arapesh,
    by Bernard Narokobi
  • Male-Female Relationships in Melanesia, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Mary: A Protestant Perspective, by David Vincent
  • Book Reviews:
    The Lutheran Church in PNG: The First Hundred Years, 1886 - 1996,
    edited by Herwig Wagner & Hermann Reiner;
    Trends... Relationships to Ancestors, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Reports:
    Orientation Course, by Ennio Mantovani;
    Culture, Bible and Communication, by David Vincent;
    Recommendation from the Seminar

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Vol 17, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Ethics in Development Theory and Practice, by Denis Goulet
  • Corruption, by Michael Oliver
  • New Problems for Youth in a Changing PNG, by Graham Mills
  • Culture, Language and Formation, by William Fey
  • Towards a New Image of the Parish: A Case Study, by Denise Renaud
  • MFL Project Reports: What do PNG Communities feel about Children
    and Education? by Ennio Mantovani
  • A Response on Marriage by Bernie Collins
  • Exerts from L’Osservatore Romano

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Vol 17, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • Urban Ministry: Its Problems and Prospects in Papua New Guinea,
    by David Vincent
  • Towards a Development of Ethics, by John D’Arcy May
  • To Distinguish Between Spirits’ by Jan Snijders
  • Catholic Mission in PNG Today: An Observer’s Comments,
    by Jacob Kavunkal
  • The Short-and Long-term Economic Effects of Diseases on the Crops of PNG:
    The choice of research strategy, by P.G. Cox and Alphonse Benoit
  • Reports:
    Bishops’ Course, by Ennio Mantovani
    International Tok Pisin Conference, by Alphonse Aime

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Vol 17, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • The Catholic church in India: in the Past and Today, by Stephen Fuchs
  • Interview with Fr John Nilles SVD, by Paul Roche
  • Politics as Cargo in Papua New Guinea, by Sam Tua Kaima
  • Ministerial Training in the Lutheran Church: Part II, by Helmut Horndasch
  • Doing Moral Theology Cross-culturally, by Anthony Malone
  • Report:
    The Issue of Domestic Violence: New Laws in the Making, by Jeanette Conway
  • Book Review:
    The Steeple’s Shadow, by David Lyon

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Vol 17, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Church and the Electronic Media: Broad or Narrow?, by Kevin Walcot
  • Renewal Movements in the Philippines, by Leonardo Mercado
  • Ministerial Training in the Lutheran Church: Part I, by Helmut Horndasch
  • Root-Causes of Dependency and our Role as Agents: Some Reflections,
    by Basil Peutalo
  • The Rise of Money Cults in Wantoat, by Sam Tua Kaima
  • Reports:
    Reflections on the Analysis of Data from the MFL Project,
    by Ennio Mantovani

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Vol 16, No:4 ..............Contents...

  • Religious Regionalism: Achievements and Prospects, by Ron Crocombe
  • Some Notes on Customary and De Facto Marriages in Papua New Guinea,|
    by Phillip Leli Takori
  • Methodist Mission in German New Guinea, by Heinz Schuette
  • Gospel Amongst the Huli: Historical Background: Part 2,
    by Ronald J. Meshanko
  • Discussion: Is there a Biocosmic Religion? A Reply to Dr Garland,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • SIL and Tok Pisin, by Karl Franklin
  • Reports:
    MFL Symposium on the Theology of Marriage, by Ennio Mantovani;
    The 17th Waigani Seminar, by Paul Roche
  • Book Reviews:
    Black and African Theologies, Siblings or Distant Cousins?
    by Josiah U. Young;
    The Word and The Spirit, by David Smith

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Vol 16, No:3 ..............Contents...

  • The Appropriation and Rejection of Marxism in Liberation Theology,
    by John Fuellenbach
  • The Theology of Contextualisation in Africa:
    A Cover for Traditional Cultural Revival, by Udo Etuk
  • The Gospel Amongst the Huli Historical Background: Part I,
    by Ronald J. Meshanko
  • The Law & Order Problem in Papua New Guinea: Has it been Exaggerated?
    by William Liebert
  • Reports:
    Two Seminars on Lutheran Renewal, by Brian Schwarz;
    Kainantu Surrender, 8th July 1986,
    by Mutengkec Wahazokac & Lynn Giddings.
  • Book Reviews:
    Iinitiative and initiation: A Cargo Cult-Type Movement in the Sepik Against
    its Backgroup in Traditional Village Religion by Patrick F. Gesch.

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Vol 16, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Tok Pisin: Yesterday; Today and Tomorrow, by Frank Mihalic
  • Towards a Grass-roots Theology Among the Numai, by James Knight
  • Is Traditional Religion in PNG Theistic? by Christopher Garland
  • Twenty Years After, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Reports:
    Bihainim Kraist Wantaim Pasin bilong Papua Niugini.
  • Book Reviews:
    An Introduction to Melanesian Religions: A Handbook for Church Workers,
    edited by Ennio Mantovani;
    Jesus and The Witch Doctor, by Aylward Shorter, Geoffrey Chapman

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Vol 16, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Pastoral Responses to Tribal Fighting in Enga, by Douglas W. Young
  • Wantok-System on Karkar Island, by Kasek M. Kautil
  • Catalyst completes 15 years of publication: An Agent of Change and Exchange,
    by Hermann Janssen
  • On Wearing Down the Stone, by Joseph Knoebel
  • Catalyst- An Agent of Inculturation, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Missing Melanesian Links, by Maria Burke
  • Reflections on Melanesian Identity, by Gernot Fugmann
  • Reports:
    MCC Launches National Development Awareness Campaign,
    by John D'Arcy May;
    Communiqué MCC/Tripartite Consultation on Church and Society
  • Book Reviews:
    Introduction to Ministry in Melanesia, edited by Brian Schwarz;
    Planetary Theology, by Tissa Omi Balasuriya;
    The Mustard Seed, by Dr Georges Delbos MSC;
    Sokore - A Folk Story

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