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Head of Publication Depart.

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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 25, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Youth and Religion in Papua New Guinea - Interpreting Data from the Young Melanesian Project, by Mary MacDonald
  • “Winds of Change” Also in PNG? by Franco Zocca
  • Promise of New Life - Some Remarks on the Dynamics of Christianity
    in Oceania, by Theodor Ahrens
  • The Local Church in Our Diocese, by John Glynn

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Vol 25 No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Role of a Christian Research Institute and the New Phenomena
    in Melanesia
    - Jubilee Address, Jubilee Symposium Speech,
    by Kasek Kautil
  • Jubilee Symposium Speech: A Response by Patrick Gesch
  • Musing on Winds of Change: A Response by John Momis
  • Holy Spirit Movement Among the Melpa, by Clement Papa
  • The West Papuan Refugees of Kiunga District, by Franco Zocca
  • Book Review:
    Feminist Theology from the Third World: A Reader, edited by Ursula King

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Vol 24, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Cultural Innovations and Their Implications for Melanesia:
    An Anthropological Reflection, by Ennio Mantovani
  • An Ethnic Group’s Attitude Towards Other Groups in a Papua New Guinea
    Mining Town:
    The Case of Engans in Panguna, by Benedict Imbun
  • Baptism (IN) or (BY) the Spirit, by Kasek Kautil
  • Enga Christology, by Lawrence Kambao
  • The Categories of Spirits in the Laufis World View, by Paschal Waisi
  • The Right to Communicate and its implications for Christian Communication,
    by Michael Traber
  • Identity - Freedom - Justice, by Reinhard Boettcher
  • Report:
    Concerning a Religious Freedom Bill, by Theo Aerts
  • Book Review:
    A Short History of Papua New Guinea, by John Dademo Waiko

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Vol 24, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Papua New Guinean Popular View of Development, by David Kavanamur
  • Entrepreneurial and Financial Resources Use in Small Businesses in PNG,
    by Dr Ali Farbood
  • Akali Andake: Reflection on Enga Christology, by Philip Gibbs
  • Changing Communities in the Context of Changing World Views,
    by Hermann Janssen
  • Understanding God in the Payback System: A Model for Christian Discipleship,
    by Rich Lively
  • Though We are Many, We are One, by Kasek Kautil
  • Book Review:
    Models of Contextual Theology by Stephen Bevans SVD

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Vol 23, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Interpretation of A Myth in the Christian Context, by Arnold Orowae
  • Our Mission in God’s Mission: A Reflection on God’s Revelation in Melanesia,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • Functions of Communication in PNG, by Diosnel Centurion
  • Viewpoint on Communication, by Timothy Kwara
  • Communicating Across Cultures: A Reflection, by Henry Paroi
  • Ecumenism in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands - Survey of Activities Involving the Catholic Church, by Theo Aerts
  • Compensation as Reciprocity: A Melanesian View, by Michael Kteng
  • Book Review:
    Initiation and Religion. A Case Study from the Wosera of Papua New Guinea,
    by Roger Schroeder

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Vol 23, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Towards an Ecumenical Theology of Marriage, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Why Are Changes Difficult to Make?, by Kurt Riecke
  • Documentation on the Churches in PNG: Reflection On the 1990
    National Census, by David Vincent
  • The Papua New Guinean Official View of Development, by David Kavanamur
  • Urbanisation, Inequality and Crime, by Sinclair Dinnen
  • Final Report on the Marriage and Family Life Research Project,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • Planning For Church Growth, by David Vincent
  • Book Review:
    From Inside the Women’s House: Enga Women’s Lives and Traditions,
    by Alome Kyakas and Polly Wiessner

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Vol 22, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • The New Education System, by Api Maha
  • Comments on the New Education Proposed System in PNG,
    by Br. Andrew Simpson
  • Experiences in Non-Formal Education in PNG: A Summary of the 1991
    NFE Sub-sectoral Report, by Naihuwo Ahai
  • A Report on National Education Task Force: Emerging Consensus,
    by Br. Andrew Simpson
  • Counselling and Confrontation-An Educational Perspective, by Br. Andrew Simpson
  • A Critical Examination of the Performance of PNG Economy and the Problems Encountered during the past decade (1980-1990),
    by David Kavanamur
  • Congregational Life and Work of the Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG, by Windiong Siawong
  • Evangelism for Melanesia: Towards a more culturally appropriate ministry,
    by David Vincent
  • Book Reviews:
    Mararoko: A Study in Melanesian Religion, by Mary N. MacDonald;
    Melanesian Religion, by Garry Trompf

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Vol 22, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Christian Commitment in Papua New Guinea, by Arnold Orowae
  • Dreams as an aid to Personal Development, by David Vincent
  • Women in Conflict - Tradition and Equal Rights under the Constitution
    of the independent State of Papua New Guinea, by Justice R. K. Woods
  • The Plight of Women in the Highlands of PNG, by Douglas Tennant
  • Judge Ellis Upholds Magistrate’s Decision to Jail Man for Wife Bashing
  • Papua New Guinea, The Last Paradise of Tropical Rain Forests and
    Japanese Timber Companies
    , by Yasuko Shimizu
  • A Short Study of Management Practices of Senior Managers in the
    Department of Western Province
    , by Ati Wutungam Wobiro
  • Binandere through the Lens Filter: A Review of Chris Owen’s Man Without
    Pigs (1990), by Douglas W. Young
  • The Fish and The Cross - Revisted, by Paschal Waisi
  • Catalyst Viewpoint:
    Election. Is there a better Way? by Peter Meis, OFM Capuchin
  • Report:
    Education and Reconstruction Workshop held in The North
    Solomons Province, by Elizabeth Ibua
  • Book Review:
    Gifts and Strangers: Meeting the Challenge of Inculturation,
    by Anthony J. Gittins
  • What is The National Volunteer Service?

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Vol 21, No:4 .......[Special Issue: Women in Ministry]

  • The Joy of Being a Women, by Mona Marie Yanis, snd
  • Equal in the Kingdom, by Anne Frances Carroll, rsm
  • Silence of Women: Societal influences, by Teresa Flaherty, RSM
  • Women in World Religions, by Teresa Flaherty, RSM
  • Women and Law, by Josepha Kanawi
  • Ministry in an Urban Parish, by Lucy Natera
  • Recognition of Women’s Ministry, by Kolish Topu
  • Women in Ministry, by Ritaflor Servidad, OND
  • Ministry in the “Grass Country”, by Theresia Nakankwien, RSM
  • Women in Ministry, by Magdalene Gorecho, OND
  • Ministry in Enga, by Veronica Lokalyo, RSM
  • Women’s Programme at Rarongo, by Josephine Tom Ole
  • The Role of the Minister’s Wife, by Jacinta Kavora
  • Ministry to Women, by Nakei Siloi
  • Ministry in the Church, by Emilia M. Tau

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Vol 21, No:3 [Special Issue On: Development & Environment]

  • Aims strategies and processes of development in Papua New Guinea
  • The Ok Tedi Project
  • Environmental damage in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea
    by the Ok Tedi mine Implications for development
    and environment policy
  • Papua New Guinea’s model of development in crisis
  • The Government and World Bank programmes for economic stabilisation
  • Prospects for Socially Useful and Ecologically Sustainable Development

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Vol 21, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • A Biblical Basis for Servant Ministry, by Ronald F. Schardt
  • Bougainville Copper Mine: History, Development and Current Position,
    by Elizabeth Ibua
  • “I am Saved” - The Ethical Dimension, by Laurenti Magesa
  • “I am Saved” - The Ethical Dimension: A Rejoinder in Melanesia,
    by Patrick Gesch
  • Tradition, Science and Religion: The Conceptual Triangle,
    by Barend Vlaardingerbrook
  • The Impact of Communication Media, by Oria Gemo
  • “Political Education” from the Melanesian Alliance Point of View,
    an interview with Bernard Mollock
  • Hahalis - Cargo Cult - Welfare, by Joseph Lamarre
  • Report:
    The 19th Waigani Seminar, by Nick de Groot
  • Book Review:
    Healing Dreams
    , by Russ Parker

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Vol 21, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Melanesian institute
  • The Melanesian and the Christian Ideal of Marriage, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Youth: Their Roles; Attitudes; and Response in Changing Society,
    by Pastor Mutengkec Wahazokac
  • A Quick Fix, by Br. Andrew
  • Satellite Communication, by Oria Gemo
  • Young Melanesian: Alternatives for the Future, by Br. Andrew
  • Culture and Mixed Communities, by Joe Gilleece
  • Traditional and Present Day Melanesian Values and Ethics, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Viewpoint:
    An Objective view on MCC Annual General Meeting, by Alphonse Aime
  • Report:
    The WCC Assembly 1991, by Luke Pitakoe

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