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Head of Publication Depart.

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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 30, No:2 .............Contents...

  • The Cost of Contract Employment, Consultancy Engagement and Office/Accommodation Rentals in the Public Service,
    by David Kavanamur and Elly Kinkin
  • How Do We Identify Melanesian Christians? by Henry Paroi
  • Evangelisation With Proverbs and Sayings, by Philip Gibbs
  • Political Changes in Indonesia (1997 - 1999): Any Lessons for PNG,
    by Franco Zocca
  • Healing and Reconstruction on Bougainville, by Makario Waqanivalu
  • Religious Education Survey, conducted in All the Catholic Secondary
    and High Schools in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands,
    by Catherine Nongkas
  • Book Review:
    Divine Revelation and the Religions of PNG: A Missiological Manual,
    by Ennio Mantovani, reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich

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Vol 30, No:1 ........Contents...

  • Melanesian Entrepreneurship: Insights From Papua Barat, by Andreas Kusch
  • The Place of Religious Education in Catholic Secondary Schools in PNG,
    by Catherine Nongkas
  • Church Music in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea,
    by Alexander Henning
  • Reducing Candidate Numbers in Papua New Guinea Elections,
    by Ray Anere
  • The Plight of Papuans in Irian Jaya (1963 - 1998),
    by Franco Zocca
  • Report:
    Mining and Sustainability in the North and South, by Roland Seib
  • Book Reviews:
    African Proverbs CD-ROM, edited by Stan Nussbaum, reviewed by Philip Gibbs
    Expecting The Day of Wrath: Versions of the Millennium in Papua New Guinea,
    edited by Christin Kocher Schmid, reviewed by Franco Zocca

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Vol 29, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Dam Building in Wantoat: Its Effect on Culture, by Sam Kaima
  • Developing the Human Resource in PNG: Technical and Continuing Education,
    by Pani Tawaiyole
  • Barriers to Credit Access for Small Businesses, by David Kavanamur
  • The Status of Technical Subjects in PNG’s High Schools: Student Teacher’s Perspectives, by Lawrence Mundia
  • The State Monopolisation of Education: A Brief Review, by Gairo Onagi
  • Mission and Unity: Crosscurrents in the Missiological Debate, by Theodor Ahrens
  • Research Project of the Melanesian Institute
    “Land and Churches in Melanesia” Research Progress Report,
    by Michael Rynkiewich
  • Book Reviews:
    Papua New Guinea: 20/20 Vision
    , by Iia Temu, reviewed by Roland Seib;
    Historical Vines: Enga Networks of Exchange, Ritual and Warfare in PNG,
    by Polly Wiessner and Akii Tumu, reviewed by Philip Gibbs;
    To Teach also Others - the Bible School of the Christian Brethren Churches in PNG,
    by Jenny Fountain, reviewed by John Hitchen

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Vol 29, No:1 ........Contents...

  • Theology: A Tool for Mission? Probing the Theology-Practice Relationship,
    by Theodore Ahrens
  • The Loss and Recovery of initiation in the South Pacific, by John D’Arcy May
  • Contemporary Experiences of the Catholic Church in China:
    Lessons and Challenges, by Georg Evers
  • An Overview of the Socio-Political Situation in Papua New Guinea,
    1997-1998 by Nick de Groot
  • The Missionary Situation in Papua New Guinea, by William Longgar
  • The Myth of Wealth or the Growth of Social inequality -
    An Assessment of the Results of Research Programs on Poverty
    in Papua New Guinea, by Roland Seib
  • Book Reviews:
    Melanesian Land Tenure in a Contemporary and Philosophical Context,
    by David Lea, reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich;
    The Governance of Common Property in the Pacific Region, by Peter Larmour,
    reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich;
    Compensation for Resource Development in PNG, by Susan Toft,
    reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich

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Vol 28, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Challenges of the Bible to Christian Life in PNG Today, by Ennio Mantovani
  • Theology and Spirituality in the Melanesian Context, by Helmut Horndasch
  • Theology of Water from the Engan Point of View, by George Waekane
  • Access and Control of Agricultural Resources by Male and Female Farmers in Korofeigu, Eastern Highlands,
    by David Kavanamur, Elizabeth Kopel and Bill Sagir
  • The 1997 General Election and Democracy, by Ray Anere
  • The Impact of Urbanisation on the Unemployed Youth of the Settlements in Port Moresby, by William Longgar
  • Book Review:
    Challenging the State: The Sandline Affair in Papua New Guinea,
    edited by Sinclair Dinnen, Ron May and Anthony J. Regan,
    reviewed by Roland Seib

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Vol 28, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • The Ok Tedi Case: An NGO Perspective, by Brian Brunton
  • The Religious Factor in Contemporary Papua New Guinea Politics,
    by Philip Gibbs
  • Provincial Elections, 1994: Towards a Pastoral Understanding of
    Tribal Politics in Melpa, by Clement Papa
  • Millenarianism in Melanesia, by Franco Zocca
  • Book Review:
    Melanesian Land Tenure in a Contemporary and Philosophical Context
    by David Lea

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Vol 27, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • What We Can Learn From the Counting Systems Research of Dr Glenden Lean,
    by Alan Bishop
  • A Critical Evaluation of the Analytical Utility of Ortner’s Nature-Culture-Gender Proposition in Relation to the Melpa, by Gregory Schiller
  • Is Magic Excluded from Dialogue? Missiological Reflections on Magic,
    by Ennio Mantovani
  • Bokis Kontrak: An Engan Ark of the Covenant, by Philip Gibbs
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Non-Catholics in PNG
    and the Solomon Islands
    , by Franco Zocca
  • The Forest Sector in Papua New Guinea: Environmental Degradation,
    Development Dilemmas and Future Challenges, by Roland Seib
  • Report:
    The Certification of Sustainably Managed Forest Areas, by Hans-Martin Schoell

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Vol 27, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • Structural Adjustment and the Mineral Sector: Policy Failures and Lessons,
    by David Kavanamur
  • Mining and Conflict on Bougainville, by Voker Böge
  • Free Education and the National Elections:1982, 1987 and 1992,
    by Henry Ivarature
  • A Universal Approach to Melanesian Theology, by Arnold Orowae
  • Book Review:
  • Beyond A Mountain Valley, The Simbu of Papua New Guinea
    by Paula Brown

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Vol 26, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Education and the Family in the Context of National Development,
    by James Quarshie
  • Young Melanesian Project: Major Trends Emerging, by Franco Zocca
  • Is There a Political Alternative to the Bougainville Crisis?, by Ray Anere
  • Developing Parish Structures: Healers and Patients, by John Glynn
  • Comparative Pastoral Approach in Context, by Arnold Orowae
  • Christian Worship and Melanesian Vision of the Cosmos, by Simeon Namunu
  • Communication and Mission, by Carlos Valle

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Vol 26, No:1 ..............Contents...

  • On the Integrity of Political Parties in Papua New Guinea, by Ray Anere
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation in Melpa, by Clement Papa
  • Religious Development - An Experience in PNG, by Alfred Tivinarlik
  • Asmat Cosmology: Easement on the Sublime, by Glen Lewandowski
  • Report:
    The Proposed Bismarck-Ramu Conservation Area by Leo Yat
  • Book Review:
    Fire From Heaven - The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of
    Religion in the Twenty-first Century
    by Harvey Cox

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