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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 35, No:2 .............Contents...

  • The Ramu Nickel Mine – Public Benefit or Public Debacle?,
    by Techa Beaumont and Dr Judy Greenwood
  • Kumo: Witchcraft in the Simbu Province, by Casper Damien
  • Institutional Integrity and Sustainable Economic Stability,
    by Mel Togolo
  • Evictions and Settlements in PNG – Some Remarks, by Hermann Spingler
  • Report:
    Association of Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) Meeting, 2005,
    by Philip Gibbs
    Heads of Churches’ HIV/AIDS Leadership Workshop,
    by Lawrencia Pirpir
  • Book Review: Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment
    in a Papua New Guinea Society
    by Joel Robbins,
    reviewed by Philip Gibbs

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Vol 35, No:1 ........Contents...

  • Tinpis Maror: the Social Impact Study of RD Tuna,
    by Nancy Sullivan and Thomas Warr
  • “You Have a Baby and I’ll Climb a Tree”: Gender Relations Perceived
    Through Enga Proverbs and Sayings About Women, by Philip Gibbs
  • Kwaak: Witchcraft, Sorcery and Dispute Settlement, by Sam Kaima
  • West Papua: Between Autonomy and independence, by Franco Zocca
  • Conference Report: international Association of Mission Studies Meeting,
    2004, by Philip Gibbs
  • Book Reviews:
    The Name Must Not Go Down: Political Competition and State-Society Relations
    in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea
    , by Joseph Ketan, reviewed by Philip Gibbs;
    Living on the Fringe: Melanesians in Fiji, by Winston Halapua,
    reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    The Word, The Pen and The Pistol: Literature and Power in Tahitia, by Robert Nicole, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    The Sky Travellers: Journeys in New Guinea, 1938-1939,
    by Bill Gammage, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    An Anthropologist in Papua: The Photography of FE Williams, 1929-39,
    by Michael Young and Julia Clark, reviewed by Sam Kaima

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Vol 34, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Sorcery Watch Project: Philosophy for a Coordinating Unit, by Br Andrew SSF
  • Theoretical Models of the Missionary Activity of the Church and a Need for Contextualisation, by Henry Paroi
  • It’s in the Blood: Dialogue with Primal Religion in Papua New Guinea,
    by Philip Gibbs
  • The Politics of Payback: A Villager’s Perceptions of Elections in the
    Markham Open, by Sam Kaima
  • Growth, Decline and Confusion: Church Affiliation in Papua New Guinea,
    by Philip Gibbs
  • Report on the General Assembly of the Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea,
    by Nick de Groot
  • Book Reviews by Sam Kaima:
    Millennial Markers, edited by Pamela Stewart and Andrew Strathern;
    Fiji Before the Storm: Elections and the Politics of Development, edited by Brij Lal;
    Reflections of Violence in Melanesia, edited by Sinclair Dinnen and Allison Ley;
    Breaking Spears and Mending Hearts: Peace Makers and Restorative Justice
    in Bougainville
    , by Pat Howley;
    Village on the Edge: Changing Times in Papua New Guinea,
    by Michael French Smith
    Cultures of Secrecy: Reinventing Race in Bush Kaliai Cargo Cults,
    by Andrew Lattas

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Vol 34, No:1 ........Contents...

  • The God Triwan Movement: Inculturation Enga Style, by Philip Gibbs
  • Torau Response to Mining and the Bougainville Crisis, by Mel Togolo
  • Religious Affiliation in Papua New Guinea According to the 2000 Census,
    by Franco Zocca
  • Territoriality and Land Disputes, by Br Andrew Francis
  • Book Reviews:
    Readings in PNG Mission History, A Chronicle of SVD and SSPS Mission
    Involvement on Mainland New Guinea Between 1946 and 1996
    by Frank Mihalic, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Martyrs of Papua New Guinea; 333 Missionary Lives Lost During WWII,
    edited by Theo Aerts, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Modawa: Papua New Guinea and me, 1946-2002, by David Hand,
    reviewed by Sam Kaima

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Vol 33, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Have and Have-nots: The 2002 Elections in the Enga Province of PNG,
    by Joseph Lakane and Philip Gibbs
  • Democracy in Flames: Behaviours and Actions in the Heart of Wabag Town,
    by Peter Kanaparo
  • Papua New Guinea’s Most Turbulent Election, by Bill Standish
  • Perceptions and Causes of Disabilities in Wosera, East Sepik Province,
    by Philip Gibbs
  • Cross-Cultural Issues and the Mental State: The Emic-Etic Concept,
    by Br Andrew
  • Book Review:
    Papua New Guinea, A History of Our Times, by John Dademo Waiko

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Vol 33, No:1 ........Contents...

  • Political Decay in Papua New Guinea: The Conduct of the 2002 National Election, by Alphonse Gelu
  • PNG Culture and Politics: Election in the Gumine District 2002, by William Gari Kaupa
  • The 2002 National Election in Chimbu Province, by Elijah Dika
  • The Worst Election Ever? Papua New Guinea at the Polls 2002, by James Chin
  • Moral Muddle? The Missions and Traditional Enga Values, by Philip Gibbs

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Vol 32, No:2 ..............Contents...

  • Enga Marriages in the Past and at Present, by Zdzislaw Kruczek
  • Inculturation and the urban Faith Experience of Engan Catholics, by Philip Gibbs
  • The Pattern of Urbanisation in Papua New Guinea and its Pastoral Implications,
    by Franco Zocca
  • Vote: An Element of Moka in the 2002 National Elections, by Clement Papa

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Vol 32, No:1.........Contents...

  • Goroka Open: From Rural Capitalists to Education Elites? by Wilson Orlegge
  • Bridewealth for a Goddess: A Theological Film Review, by Clement Papa
  • The Papua New Guinea Male Writer’s Representation of Women, by Anastasia Sai
  • Reflections on the Inculturation of the Catholic Church, by Franco Zocca
  • Reflections on Inculturation in the Churches in Oceania Report, by Philip Gibbs
  • Report on the Melanesian institute Council Meeting, by Nick de Groot
  • Report on the Association for Social Anthropology Meeting, by Philip Gibbs
  • Book Reviews:
    Introduction to the Ethics of Business and Development in Contemporary Melanesia,|
    by David Lea, reviewed by Franco Zocca;
    The Value of indigenous Music in the Life and Ministry of the Church: The United Church in The Duke of York Islands, by Andrew Midian, reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich

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Vol 31, No:2 .............Contents...

  • Revisiting Privatisation, by Ati Wobiro
  • Preferential Voting for PNG: What Type? by Ray Anere
  • Flexibility and Creativity in Melanesian Land Tenure, by Rodney Kameata
  • Re-constructing Chieftainship in Haku society, by Bill Sagir
  • Judicial Theory and Reality in the PNG Court System, by Gerard Majella Vetunawa
  • Towards a Positive Theology of Cultures, by Franco Zocca
  • Book Reviews:
    Proceedings of an International Conference in New Guinea Languages and Linguistics,
    by Otto Nekitel and Don Flassy, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    An Introduction to the Anthropology of Melanesia: Culture and Tradition,
    by Paul Sillitoe, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Between Cash and Conviction: The Social Context of the Bismarch-Ramu Integrated Conservation and Development Project by Flip van Helden, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    The Political Economy of Forest Management in Papua New Guinea by Colin Filer, reviewed by Sam Kaima

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Vol 31, No:1 .............Contents...

  • Missionaries and Culture: Changing Roles and Relationships, by Philip Gibbs
  • Decolonising Theology: Doing Theology in a Melanesian Context, by Henry Paroi
  • Who Do You Say I Am? Report and Reflections on the Missiological International Congress, by Franco Zocca
  • Credit Evangelism: An Overview, by David Kavanamur
  • The Role of NGOs in the Mining Industry, by Michael Rynkiewich
  • Book Reviews:
    Island Churches: Challenges and Change, edited by Charles Forman,
    reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Changing Gender Relations in Papua New Guinea: The Role of Women’s Organisation,
    by Orovu Sepoe, reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Modern Papua New Guinea, edited by Lura Zimmer-Tamakoshi,
    reviewed by Sam Kaima;
    Getting Under the Skin: The Bougainville Copper Agreement and the Creation of the Panguna Mine, by Donald Denoon, reviewed by Bill Sagir

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