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The Catalyst series is a journal published twice every year. The journals contain varieties of articles, and documents in relation to cultures and societies, politics, economic, religious and social issues in Melanesia.

Vol 45, No 2: 2015

  • ARTICLESCatalyst 43.2
  • Arguments over birth control in PNG, by Nick Schwarz
  • The Papuan Spirit Nogut in the Light of the Gospels, by Franco Zocca
  • Religious Experiences and Religious Learning in Oceania, by Ennio Mantovani
  • MI’s 45 years of reflection, by Lorraine Basse
  • S(P)ABL, SABL, and beyond—as viewed from mid-year 2015, by Maurice McCallum
  • BOOK REVIEW, by Larry Nemer
  • PNG highlands turning to Islam, by Franco Zocca
  • Obituary of Prof. Theodor Ahrens, a theologian of mission

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Vol 45, No 1: 2015

  • ARTICLESCatalyst 43.2
  • The different faces of the attack on Religious Freedom Today, by Bill Fey
  • Islam in Papua New Guinea, by Franco Zocca
  • Hardly fair: Gender equity during the 2012 Papua New Guinea National Elections in the Wabag Open electorate, by Philip Gibbs
  • Expectations and Reality: Being a Minister within the United Church. An inside View, by Gaudi Gabutu
  • To the grinders of rings by Fr. Andreas Puff, Translated by Maurice McCallum
  • BOOK REVIEW, by Larry Nemer

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Vol 44, No 2: 2014

  • ARTICLESCatalyst 43.2
  • Religous Affiliation in PNG according to the 2011 Census, by Franco Zocca
  • Family Life and Marital Spirituality: Perspectives of Catholic Laity, by Jose Orathinkal & Jose Kurian
  • The Creative Interaction of Gospel and Culture through the Concept of Dynamic Equivalence, By Geovanne Bustos
  • Making a clear statement on education that leads to Empowerment, by Dreikönigsaktion (DKA)
  • Sanguma , Or Killing by Stealth on the North Coast of New Guinea, Translation by P. Maurice McCallum
  • BOOK REVIEWS, byRoland Seib and Marian Faliszek

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Vol 44, No 1: 2014

  • ARTICLESCatalyst 43.2
  • Iowara Refugee Camp: an update after 19 years, by Franco Zocca
  • Bilum Bible Partnership Council Meeting 2014 Report
  • Last words on ritual killing? by P. Maurice McCallum
  • BOOK REVIEW, by Paul B. Steffen

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Vol 43, No 2: 2013

  • ARTICLESCatalyst 43.2
  • My experience as a candidate in the 2012 National General Elections, by David Kima
  • “As easy as one two three” (or is it?): Two views on PNG’s voting system, by P. Maurice McCallum & Nick Schwarz
  • Proclamation of Christ in the context of Traditional Melanesian Cultures, by Franco Zocca
  • Facing Fragility in a Fragile State, by Philip Gibbs
  • Culture, Gender and Education on Moral Reasoning, by Jose Orathinkal
  • The Coastal Inhabitants of the Gazelle Peninsula, their customs and cultural practices
  • A Tribute to My Father: Pastor Hugh Alfred Dickins, by Jillian Thiele
  • BOOK REVIEWS, by P. Maurice McCallum and Stephen B. Bevans

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Vol 43, No:1 ......Contents...

  • Australia: an insider’s view from outside, by Nick Schwarz
  • Understanding the dynamics of Indigenous knowledge through western education in PNG, by Jack Urame
  • The Catholic Church HIV/AIDS Ministry in PNG: The National Catholic AIDS Office (NCAO) Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016, by Peter Hinawai
  • Communication Gap: Danger for Landowners, Government, and Investors, by Lorraine Basse
  • Outgoing Moderator Rev. Sir Samson Lowa’s report to the 23rd General Assembly meeting of the United Church of Papua New Guinea
  • Report on the 2nd PNG Tokples Scripture Conference at Ukarumpa
  • The Melanesian Institute as a model for ecumenical coorperation in Papua New Guinea, by Jack Urame
  • Visit to the Islamic Centre of Port Moresby, by Franco Zocca

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Vol 41, No:2 ........Contents...

  • Managing Papuan Expectations after Handing Back Special Autonomy,
    by J. Budi Hernawan
  • Bringing Light and Sense to the PNG Education Debate, by Don Herron
  • Accusations of Witchcraft and the Formation of Death Squads:
    Considerations of a Pastoral Theological Nature, by Theodor Ahrens
    “Bung Wantaim, Wok Wantaim, Stap Wantaim”, Report on Eastern Highlands Provincial Disability Forum, by Gabriel Kuman and Marcel Pool;
    Conference Report: The Containment of Violence in the Highlands of PNG,
    by Douglas W Young and Paul Petrus
    Sung Tales from the Papua New Guinea Highlands
    Edited by Alan Rumsey and Don Niles, Reviewed by P. Maurice McCallum

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Vol 41, No:1 .............Contents... 

  • On the Need of Cross-Cultural Formation for Expatriate Missionaries,
    by Franco Zocca
  • Sorcery, Witchcraft and Development in Papua New Guinea,
    by Gabriel Kuman
  • An Ecumenical Approach to Recognising Baptism, by Peter Hinawai
    Studies and Considerations of the customs and Uses of the Bariai People
    of North-West New Britain, by Fr. K. Rose, MSC
    ‘Grimoires: A history of magic books’, by Owen Davies,
    reviewed by P. Maurice McCallum

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Vol 40, No:2 .............Contents...

  • The impact of Settlement Shift in the Simbu Society, by Jack Urame
  • Gender and Accusations of Malevolent Sorcery and Witchcraft in PNG,
    by Franco Zocca
  • Faith and Culture: The Unique Contribution of the Melanesian Institute,
    by Philip Gibbs
    Melanesian Institute Celebrates its 40th Anniversary, by Gabriel Kuman
    Ambunti: The Situation as Viewed by a Young Divine Word University Graduate in Mid-2006, by Clive Hawigen
    Kaugu Gunan Ma Kaugu Pia My Village and My Land: Point 32,
    by Roger Schroeder, SVD, reviewed by Norman DOIDGE.;
    The Brain that Changes Itself: Rev. Ed. Melbourne,
    reviewed by P. Maurice McCallum 

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